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Wine Delivery Calgary – 3 Tips to Store Uncorked Wine Correctly

How many of you can actually resist from opening a bottle of the finest wine? Surely, not many. When asked about why we are so fond of wine, we all have our own reasons to love this deep and aromatic drink. Whether you’ve been hit by Monday blues or choosing the best birthday gift for your beloved, there’s nothing as special as a good bottle of wine. As a drink that protects your heart, reduces the risk of developing cataracts, improves brain function and fights cancer, there can never be dearth of reasons for not pampering yourself with the best wine. Perhaps, this is why you scour for the latest wine collection at the leading wine delivery Calgary store every now and then!

With a little research and experience, telling if the wine is soft, oaky or tannic can be as easy as rolling off a log. But there is one thing that worries every wine lover – how to perfectly store wine after opening. Not all of us have a fully equipped wine cellar at home, isn’t it? But the good thing is you can still preserve the freshness even without a wine cellar. Here are some expert tips to store your wine and prevent spoilage.


Foolproof Tips to Store Wine at Home After Opening

1. Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations:

As a general rule of thumb, red wine must be kept at 60-70 degrees while 50-60 degrees is the ideal temperature for storing white wines. However, it is not necessary to strictly maintain these temperatures constantly but don’t let your wine be at 40 degrees now and 80 degrees later! Maintaining the right storage temperature is crucial but more important is having a consistent temperature. When there is a constant change in temperature, the wine expands and contracts that speeds up the aging. A temperature range of 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and not keeping it above room temperature will keep your wine fine for many days.

2. Shield from direct sunlight:

Do you want to know the secret of how alcohol delivery Calgary stores keep their extensive wine collection crisp and clear? They protect the wines from getting ‘lightstruck’! Direct sunlight is particularly damaging to the beauty of wine; the sulphur-containing amino acids in sunlight cause oxidization in alcohol, changing the original flavour of the wine. This is the major reason why wines always come in dark coloured bottles as they prevent the entry of any kind of light, contrary to clear bottles. Even artificial lights like incandescent bulbs or fluorescent fixtures can be harmful to the well-being of your wine. Hence, select only a dark and dry place to store your wine. In case you can’t provide 100% anti-light protection to your beloved wine, wrap the bottle in a cloth or keep it inside a thick box.

3. Lay bottle flat and store:

As per the recommendation of a reputable wine delivery Calgary service provider, to correctly store your wine, lay the bottle horizontally and NOT in an upright position. The reason is simple. When the bottle is stored horizontally, the cork remains moist which blocks air from entering the bottle. Storing your wine upright can be a space-saving technique but it dehydrates the cork; a dry cork exposes the wine inside to air, triggering the process of oxidization and you already know what happens next! So, do you want to save space or wine? The choice is yours.

Final word:

Didn’t we say there’s no need for having a wine cellar to store your Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir? Red or white wine, whatever may be your preference, proper storage is the key to retaining the taste, flavour and aroma of the drink. Along with these tips, also remember to keep your wine away from strong odours and check the expiry date on the bottle so that you can consume it as long as it lasts. Calgary Dial a Bottle is one of the top wine delivery Calgary service providers, offering a premium range of red, white and sparkling wines right at your doorstep. To know more about our service, call us on 403-918-3030.

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