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Wine Delivery Calgary – Savour the Best Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Wine and chocolate is the kind of couple they say are a match made in heaven. That wine and chocolate is the perfect couple, there are enough reasons to support this. The process of making both wine and chocolate is almost similar –

  1. Tannin, the main ingredient, is present in both.
  2. Both grapes and cacao beans are fermented using the same kind of yeast so that we can relish the most delicious wine and chocolate.

Whether you are planning to surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner or want to indulge yourself after a long time, ordering your favourite wine from a wine delivery Calgary store and pairing it with chocolates is indeed a form of absolute happiness. But not all wines and chocolates are made for each other, right? So, if you happen to be a lover of both wine and chocolates, this blog is just for you. Read on to get some amazing wine and chocolate pairing ideas.


1. White chocolate and wine pairing:

White chocolate is not the usual kind of chocolate since it does not have cocoa and tannins. In fact, compared to milk or dark chocolate, pairing this white beauty with sweet white wine is a bit easier. Due to its buttery flavour, white chocolates make the perfect match for sweet wines. The sweet wines that taste best with white chocolates are:

  1. Moscato d´Asti
  2. Sweet Sherry
  3. Vintage Port
  4. Rosé Port

2. Milk chocolate and wine pairing:

There are more milk chocolate lovers than that of dark chocolate and it is true that an amazing milk chocolate can even delight the soul of a hardcore dark chocolate buff. The cream inside the chocolate acts as a little additional fat that actually works great with wines. In other words, with any alcohol delivery Calgary service provider, you can find a larger variety of wines that pair perfectly with your favourite milk chocolate. Light or medium body wines with silky tannins complement the creamy chocolaty desserts reasonably well. The wines that you can relish with milk chocolates are:
Some enlivening, sweet red wines like Ports and Maury match well with milk chocolate mousse chocolate fudge cake.

Pairing some musky aromas and grapefruit-filled orange Muscat is also a perfect match.

Other wines you can pair up with milk chocolates and savour forever are:

  1. Aged Vintage
  2. Creamy Sherry
  3. Montilla-Moriles
  4. PX Sherry

3. Caramel chocolate and wine pairing:

Caramel is not the pure sweet element in chocolate. Rather, the chocolate has sweetness punched with a slight salinity. Chocolates having the goodness of caramel are a combination of everything – sweet, fat, bitter and salty. If you love caramel chocolates but don’t know which wines to pair with, you can go for sweeter wines like:

  1. Asti Spumante
  2. Moscato d’Asti
  3. Lambrusco
  4. PX Sherry
  5. Vin Santo
  6. Cream Sherry

All these wines complement caramel chocolates truly well. You can even pair the rich dessert wines from Calgary Dial a Bottle with caramel chocolates and delight in the pairing’s perfect harmony.

4. Dark chocolate and wine pairing:

Dark chocolate is the variety containing the highest quantity of cacao and hence, it is not completely sweet but has a tinge of bitterness in it. Pairing a full body wine that has a strong flavour and aroma makes the perfect match for this type of chocolate. Since dark chocolates have lower sugar content, you must pair it with wines that also have less sugar like:

  1. Zinfandels
  2. Pinot Noirs
  3. Tawny Port
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon


Wine and chocolate is undoubtedly an irresistible combination that can leave you elated. Moreover, wine and chocolate are popularly known as aphrodisiacs which mean both are blessed with the power of brightening your mood instantly. So, if you are feeling stressed due to tedious office hours or want to make your beloved feel special, just order the above-mentioned wines from a wine delivery Calgary store and enjoy it with your favourite chocolate types.

To know more about our wine delivery services, call us on 403-918-3030.

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