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Which are the Most Expensive Drinks That Money Can Buy?

If you have the money and want to indulge yourself in buying an expensive drink, then you have plenty of options available. While for a layperson, differentiating between an ordinary drink and an expensive one may be difficult, but to the connoisseur every sip of these decadent drinks is worth their price. If you want to impress somebody, then we suggest that you order an expensive drink through the dial a bottle Calgary service, and serve it with a sumptuous meal.

In this blog, we share with you some of the expensive drinks that you can buy in the market and relish them with your friends or family members.

The Winston Cocktail ($17,682)

If you are looking at ways to lighten your wallet quickly, then you should choose this drink. You can also get this drink using a reputable dial a bottle service. According to the creator of this drink that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the big price tag is due to the presence of some rare ingredients.

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The Ruby Rose Cocktail ($55,299)

This is one of those crazy expensive drinks that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. You have to book this drink in advance through the dial a bottle in Calgary service as not many wine merchants are likely to keep this extraordinarily expensive drink handy in their stock. Unlike the Winston Cocktail, the mind-boggling price of this drink is not due to any rare ingredients (which are easily available in any bar) but due to the garnishing with a ruby, which is more than 4 carats in size.

Diamond Jubilee Whiskey Series ($207,008)

When we are talking about truly decadent drinks then you can include the Diamond Jubilee whiskey series in that select list. Fit for the royalty, the drink commands a price tag of $207,008 per bottle. It was created by Johnnie Walker to commemorate the 60th coronation year of the Queen of England. This extravagant drink that only the rich and famous can afford is filled in a glass bottle, which is a sight to behold with a diamond-shaped crystal casing and half a carat diamond acting as the cherry on the cake.

The Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection ($276,498)

When we are discussing truly expensive drinks, then nothing beats the Bombay Sapphire Revelation collection gin. The entire collection of this drink comprises five bottles and each one of them sells at an extraordinary price of $276,498. If you buy any one of the five bottles, then you would get a complimentary one-year supply of Bombay gin. The bottle of this expensive drink is a piece of art decked with bright jewels and gems thus making it a collector’s item.

Champagne ($27, 63,907)

This ridiculously expensive drink is perfect for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you want to celebrate with great pomp (you must have the resources to indulge in such an expensive taste!). The unique feature of this drink is that it is aged 100 years. This smooth as silk drink is available in an 18-carat gold plated bottle that in itself is worth a fortune.

The Eye of the Dragon ($76, 00,745)

If you are a lover of vodka and want to get a premium brand to impress your guests on an important occasion, then you should choose this drink. This velvety taste vodka is considered one of the smoothest drinks in the world. It comes in a bottle with an eye-catching design of a Dragon that sits coiled around the bottle’s neck. The bottle with more than 15,000 diamonds and made up of 18 carats of solid gold is a collector’s item.

Billionaire Vodka ($10, 019, 539)

If you believe that ‘the Eye of the Dragon’ is the most expensive vodka in the market, then you are sorely mistaken. There is another brand known as billionaire vodka, which tops it by a big margin. As the name suggests, this drink is not for ordinary mortals. The bottle itself has an amazing design and is adorned with expensive gems that are worth a fortune. Drinking this amazing and exorbitantly priced authentic Russian vodka would show that you have truly arrived.


If you are someone who loves to enjoy the best in your life and have the resources to indulge in your passion, then you can try out some of the costliest drinks that are available in the market. The drinks that we have mentioned in this article are very expensive and you cannot simply order a bottle of these luxurious drinks from your local wine retailer. In fact, you have to book these bottles in advance through the dial a bottle Calgary service. And only upon their delivery, you can enjoy them with your friends and family members in your mansion.

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