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What’s Your Whisky? Know Your Drink

Once upon a time, whisky was considered to be the drink for men in suit. Well, the times changed and so did the tide. The result of it, whisky has become one of the favorite liquor beverages in the world. Considered to be a gentleman’s drink, the popularity of whisky as a classic liquor has gone beyond the clubs. Whether it’s a game night or you going to the club, whisky is the perfect companion you can ever have.

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Now, before proceeding, do you know the difference between “whiskey” and “whisky”? The Scots call it ‘whisky’ whereas the Irish spell it as ‘whiskey’. Due to the difference in the translations, the words have different spellings. Countries like Canada and Japan spell it like the Scottish, whereas, the Americans include the “e”.

Getting back to the topic, whisky comes in different types, which can be attributed to its different ingredients and production. Single malt whisky is made using malted barley, yeast and water. Grain is a commonly occurring component, and the blended versions combine both grain and single malt whiskies.

There are six main types of whiskies, with each having their own taste and appearance. Let’s walk through it to understand the classic liquor well.

Type 1: Scotch

Originates From: Scotland

Composition: It is made from malted barley and aged in an oak cask for more than three years.

Flavor: Very earthy in its taste with hints of fruits

Ideal To Drink: With Ice and Water

Ideal For: The Person Who Loves Smoky Whisky

Type 2: Irish

Originates From: Northern Ireland

Composition: Irish whisky is made from yeast-fermented grain mash which is aged in a wooden cask for three years.

Flavor: Sweet with a hint of honey

Ideal To Drink: With Irish Coffee (or maybe even on the rocks!)

Ideal For: The Guy Who Hates Scotch But Loves Whisky

Type 3: Bourbon

Originates From: The United State Of America

Composition: Bourbon is made from corn which is matured in charred American oak casks.

Flavor: Distinct wood flavors

Ideal To Drink: With Anything, You Want To

Ideal For: The Old-Fashioned Whisky Enthusiasts

Type 4: Rye

Originates From: The United State Of America

Composition: It is made with 51% rye (a type of wheatgrass) which is mashed and aged for at least two years in charred barrels.

Flavor: Fruity, spicy and bitter

Ideal To Drink: As cocktails (the signature ones include Manhattan and Vieux Carre)

Ideal For: The Cocktail Lover

Type 5: Tennessee

Originates From: The United State Of America

Composition: The whisky is exclusively distilled in Tennessee. It is then through charcoal before being put for fermentation.

Flavor: Smooth and ripe with a hint of charcoal in its taste

Ideal To Drink: With Coke

Ideal For: The Person Who Loves Whisky and Coke

Type 6: Japanese

Originates From: Japan

Composition: Japanese whisky is made using peated barley which is aged in a wooden cask.

Flavor: Extremely delicate and smoky

Ideal To Drink: With Soda

Ideal For: The Scotch Lover

Every whisky is unique in its own type. So, the next time you crave whisky, keep all these information in mind, know what you are actually looking for and order it from the dial a bottle service providers. Cheers!

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