Friday 12, March, 2021

What Makes the Magical Allure of Champagne Linger?

When it comes to selecting a sparkling wine for celebrations chances are that most people would opt for champagne, arguably the most famous sparkling wine. So, what makes champagne so special and its magical allure to linger among connoisseurs for long? Let us start with a brief history of the drink, which has become quite accessible thanks to the seamless dial a bottle format of any online store. Champagne happens to be one of the oldest regions in France known for growing wine. Initially, the typical white wine aka champagne used to be made from Pinot Noir with a slightly tinged and zesty appeal.

Many theories abound of its provenance of which the one belonging to the 18th century seems more acceptable. According to this, during the cold winters of the eighteenth century, sugar used to be left behind in the wine due to incomplete fermentation. However, with the onset of spring, the wine used to get re-fermented producing carbon dioxide, which used to remain trapped in the bottle. This process eventually produced what is known today as sparkling wine.


Circa 1800s saw remarkable improvements in the glass’s ability to withstand the pressure of fermentation. This was followed by the knowledge about the quantity of sugar needed for re-fermentation and the advent of reliable corks. Importantly, geography also played its part in giving the drink its name and fame. For example, Northern France is known as one of the coldest wine producing areas in Europe. The grapes produced in this region are harvested when they are on the verge of being ripe thereby allowing them to retain flavours, acidity, and the structure to age. From a legal perspective, the appellation of Champagne is earmarked for the wine produced within 34,500 hectares of vineyards in Champagne, France.

Do such pieces of information ever cross your mind when you avail dial a bottle service from your local online store? The answer is likely to be in the negative. Given the allure of the drink and the celebratory halo surrounding it, connoisseurs mostly enjoy squirting the fizz rather than delving into its hallowed origins. Another important facet about champagne and the vineyards producing it is the presence of calcareous soil. The high limestone content in the soil and maximum sunshine attracted by the sloping vineyards determine the quality of champagne.

Partaking champagne conjures up a feel-good notion about high living, sociability, and elegance – all rolled into one. It is the only drink that you can take at any time of the day without being judged as a raving alcoholic. So, after exploring its origins let us offer some interesting nuggets of information about the drink. And yes, while you read further and enjoy the titbits, why not go for dial a bottle Calgary and fill your stack?

Champagne seems to be the most preferred alcoholic beverage at the Wimbledon with an average of 28,000 bottles being consumed.

Champagne seems to emit 30 odd bubbles in a second.

According to the biographer of Marilyn Monroe, the actor used to take her bath in champagne by emptying around 350 bottles of the coveted drink in the bathtub.

In the James Bond franchise, the character is shown sipping champagne more than any other drink.


The magical allure of champagne continues to linger as the beverage has become the most coveted one to be partaken during celebrations. No sporting extravaganza or winning spree seems to be complete without people shaking the bottle and getting drenched in its fizz. No wonder, one of the favourite drinks connoisseurs choose through the dial a bottle service remains the classic champagne. To get your choicest champagne delivered at your doorstep, order on Calgary Dial a Bottle. Call 403-918-3030.

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