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What Is the Difference Between a Pilsner and a Lager? 

Beer has a cultural significance and long history, which adds to its appeal to many people. Considered a social drink, beer is also one of the most widely consumed types of alcoholic beverages in the world. While some people drink beer because it helps them relax and unwind after a long day, others enjoy the taste and variety of flavors that are available in different types of beer. Speaking of its various types, did you know that there are over 50 different types of beer available on the market today? Well, that’s true! The beers are categorized based on flavor, ingredients, bitterness, color, etc. Now, in case you live in around Calgary, you can easily order a variety of beers from Calgary Dial a Bottle. As the leading service provider of alcohol delivery in Calgary, we provide our customers with a wide range of liquor options to choose from.

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Among all the types of beers available around the world, pilsners and lagers are the most sought-after ones. However, people often use the terms interchangeably. But you know, they both have different characteristics and flavors. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major differences between a pilsner and a lager.

What Is a Pilsner?

A subspecies of lager, a pilsner is characterized by its crisp & clean taste and light golden color, which are achieved by using specific types of hops and pale malts. It is known for its refreshing character and is traditionally brewed with a long, cold fermentation process, which makes it a popular summer beer. Moreover, pilsners have a low alcohol content and a dry and slightly bitter taste. Some of the most popular types of pilsners include German pilsner, American pilsner, and Czech pilsner, among others.

Should you want to try any of these pilsners and are looking for an alcohol delivery store in Calgary, contact us. At Calgary Dial a Bottle, we not only have the best selection of beers but provide services for wine delivery in Calgary as well.

What Is a Lager?

As one of the leading service providers of alcohol delivery in Calgary, we always recommend our customers try lagers. A lager is made using a specific type of yeast called “lager yeast”, also known as Saccharomyces pastorianus. When compared to the yeast used to make ale, lager yeast is brewed and conditioned at lower temperatures, which provide the beer with a different flavor profile. Lagers are generally light in color, described as “balanced” and “smooth”, and known for their refreshing and crisp taste.

The process used to brew lagers is called “cold fermentation” and it involves storing the beer for an extended period of time at low temperatures (usually around 45-55°F). This helps develop the aromas and flavors of lager beer. The most sought-after types of lagers include American lager, California Common, Bock, Doppelbock, and Maibock, among others.

The Major Differences Between a Pilsner and a Lager

There’s actually a lot of debate over whether to go for pilsners or lagers. Well, here are some of the major differences between them that will help you clear your confusion:

Flavor: Lagers have a clean and smooth taste and tend to be less hoppy and more balanced. Pilsners, on the other hand, have a slightly sweet finish with a strong hoppy flavor and are known for their refreshing & crisp taste.

Origin: Any beer that’s made with bottom-fermenting yeast can be referred to as a lager. Pilsner, however, originated in the Czech Republic.

Color: Lagers can range from pale to amber to dark brown, while pilsners are usually pale or golden in color.

Ingredients: Lagers can be made with different types of hops and various other ingredients, such as pale, amber, and dark malts. Pilsners, on the other hand, are most commonly made with hops and pale malts.

Wrapping Up

Pilsners and lagers are two completely different types of beer and have their own tastes and flavors that make them widely popular among beer connoisseurs. Should you be looking for a store that has the best collection of beers to choose from, you can get in touch with Calgary Dial a Bottle. Being the leading service provider of alcohol delivery in Calgary, we offer an exclusive collection of beers and other liquors that you can order anytime you want. To get in touch with us, visit reach us @ 403-918-3030

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