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What are the Most Sought-After White Wines in Calgary?

White wine is a pale golden-coloured alcoholic beverage that’s usually made with light-skinned grapes. The wines can also be made with dark grapes if their flesh is light-coloured. They’re more than just for spritzers or to satisfy your sweet tooth. Contrary to what some wine enthusiasts believe, white wines can be served with savory dishes or appreciated on their own. In fact, while a handful of white wines– such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling – may get most of the attention from wine enthusiasts, there are actually various white wines that are extremely popular around the world. All you need to do is figure out which ones best suit your palate and avail of a reliable service for wine delivery in Calgary.

From everyday favorite picks to niche varietals even white wine experts don’t regularly see, we have put together a list of the main types of white wine. Let’s take a look at them.

Choicest White Wines for You to Choose from

1. Chardonnay

Now there is something about Chardonnay. Its velvety texture offers rich citrus flavours such as lemon and grapes. Complete with dominant flavours such as caramel and vanilla, Chardonnay is an amazing companion on a chilly winter night. In fact, if you are looking for alternatives for the traditional eggnog, Chardonnay is your way to go. Just reach out to a store that provides services for alcohol delivery in Calgary and order this amazing wine.


2. Sauvignon Blanc

This variety of white wine is mainly grown in France, Australia, and New Zealand. It has a herbal flavour that smacks of bell pepper and incorporates other flavours such as gooseberry, pear, and apples. Furthermore, it has the aroma of herbs, gooseberry, and peach with a strong citrus flavour on the palate. The hand-harvested grapes give it the perfect crispness and deliver a subtle elegant flavour that you will surely love.

3. Riesling

Mainly grown in Germany but also in California and Eastern USA, this variety is a little sweet in taste with a strong acidic flavour backing it up. The aroma is mainly of apple and the drink tastes better as it ages. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the best services for wine delivery in Calgary and get your favourite wine in no time.

4. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular wines in Italy and carries a distinctly heavier texture compared to other white wine types on the list, offering white peach, lime and white nectarine flavours. It goes well with seafood salads or pasta dishes based on fish and shellfish – perfect as an appetizer before dinner time.

5. Moscato

Moscato is a sweet, fizzy white wine that pairs exquisitely with desserts and appetizers and has low alcohol content. Over the past few years, demand for Moscato has been on the rise, with consumers looking for a sweeter, lighter bodied wine. It is highly aromatic and offers various flavours from fresh fruits such as apricot and peach and also exhibits citrus notes of lemon, orange blossom and tangerines. Order this top-selling white wine from a reputable Calgary dial a bottle service provider for the most appetizing outcome.

Final Thoughts

To order your favourite white wine, choose a store that offers the best services for wine delivery in Calgary. We, at Calgary Dial a Bottle, provide a wide range of alcoholic drinks with on-time deliveries at your doorstep. To get in touch with us, reach us at 403-918-3030.


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