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What Are Some of the Best Winter Cocktails?

Wintertime is all about spending it right. From parties to small get-to-gathers at your home, you will agree, that food and drinks play a major role. If you have already decided to serve some great cocktails to your guest, then, you are heading in the right direction. Cocktails can both, keep you warm and taste great, exactly what you need for a memorable winter night.

So, what are some of the quick cocktails recipes that you can serve your guests? Here, are some of the best cocktail recipes for your winter parties and get-to-gathers. You can create these really quick and for the base drinks you can place your order from dial a bottle Calgary liquor service provider.

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Gin Toddy

Gin based cocktails and chilly winter nights are a great combination to experiment with. Gin Toddy in this case is an appropriate cocktail that you can serve your guests on any occasion during winter.
A melange of herbs, spices, honey, water and liquor, Gin Toddy may inevitably become your favourite once you create it yourself. So are you ready for the recipe? – Let’s check out;


. ¼ Cup of Hot Water
. 1 ounce of Gin
. Honey- 1 tablespoon
. Orange juice- 2 tablespoon
. Lemon Slice
. Cinnamon Sticks


. In a mug, pour the Gin, orange juice and honey
. Pour 1/4th Hot Water and stir till the honey dissolves
. Serve with Lemon and Cinnamon Sticks


In the history of cocktails, Sidecar has a great reputation. As a winter drink, you can serve Sidecar and cheer up your guests instantly. This blend of brandy, lemon juice and orange liquor is great in taste and easier for the bartender to twist it according to individual preferences!
So, are you ready to enjoy this drink with your guests? Then, collect your liquor from dial a bottle service and try out this recipe;


. Cognac Brandy- 2 ounce
. Triple sec- 1 ounce
. Lemon juice- 1 ounce
. Orange liquor- 1 ounce
. Orange slice


. First, with some ice in the cocktail shaker, mix Cognac, lemon juice, orange juice and Triple sec
. Pour the mix into a Martini glass
. Serve with a slice of orange

Winter Negroni

Winter Negroni is a holiday-spiced drink that makes it the right choice for a wintry holiday night to sip and have a gala time with your special ones.

Winter Negroni is a morphed version of the Negroni cocktail, the winter version is an infused Gin concoction that is served with Campari and Vermouth. To make it special get your liquor ingredients from Calgary Dial a Bottle service.

Ingredients- Infused Gin

. Gin- 1 bottle
. Star Anise- 3
. 7 Cloves
. Fennel seeds 1 teaspoon
. Cinnamon sticks- 2
. ¾ cup water
. ¾ cup sugar
. Orange peel half


. Boil everything except Gin
. Turn off heat and simmer for 10 minutes to thicken
. Store syrup with Gin in an air-tight container for a week

Ingredients- Winter Negroni

. ½ ounce Infused gin
. Campari- 1 oz
. Sweet Vermouth- 1oz
. Orange Syrup


. Stir all the ingredients- Infused gin, Campari, Vermouth
. Pour in a glass and serve with Lemon syrup

Final Words

When the temperature drops, let your spirit rise with the help of these cocktail recipes. We have simplified the recipes and tried to help you with quick ones. At Calgary Dial a Bottle, we offer a wide range of liquor options for you to choose from. Being the best dial a bottle Calgary service provider, we’ll deliver your order straight away at your home/office address. To get in touch with us, call 403-918-3030.

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