Tuesday 26, November, 2013

Ways in which Alcohol can Help you Shed the Extra Weight

Are you also plagued by the notion that if you want to lose weight you will need to abstain from the consumption of alcohol? Rest assured, because studies have suggested otherwise. Various researchers have deduced that alcohol could actually help you look slimmer and make you shed all the extra pounds that you so desperately want to get rid of, if you can consume it in the right proportion. Residents of Alberta that depend on alcohol and wine delivery in Calgary Alberta can now feel no guilt when they place their orders for a crate of wine for the month.

Alcohol can Help you Shed the Extra WeightListed below are some genuinely good ways in which alcohol can help you reduce the extra weight and keep you healthy:

  • Research which was undertaken recently proved that alcohol has certain benefits that can help anyone who wants to lose the extra weight. The research study also deduced that men and women drinking a glass of wine a day are more likely to shed the extra pounds as opposed to those that abstain from it. People who consume close to 7-8 ounces of alcohol a day have nothing to worry about as it does not count as fat and will not be stored in your system. It will also be interesting to note that when you drink regularly, there is a better chance that your body will soon conform to your drinking patterns. Therefore, for those that drink heavily occasionally, their body cannot store the excess liquor since the energy burned is not much.
  • Drinkers preferring to consume alcohol in moderation are more likely to develop better living habits that those who abstain from it totally.
  • If you are a regular, moderate drinker, the alcohol that gets stored in your body as calories can be burned easily as you will be compelled to eat less since your system will contain a small but a sizeable amount of liquor. However, if you decide to drink only on the weekend, your body will not be able to handle the excess amount. Add to that the food that you may consume along with the liquor and you can be assured of putting on the excess weight.
  • Women are more likely to reap the benefits that alcohol has to offer as they consume lesser amounts as compared to men. Also, it should be noted that most women exercise daily and are more likely to rid their system of these calories. Men on the other hand are more likely to drink more than a few ounces of liquor a day in addition to not working out and burning the extra calories.

Therefore, the next time you decide to enlist the services of alcohol and wine delivery in Calgary Alberta, you should order a few extra bottles and have a few ounces from it every day. Also, include a workout regimen into your daily routine to reap the full rewards of the health benefits of liquor.

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