Wednesday 14, August, 2019

Unwind After A Long Day With Dial A Bottle Service In Calgary

After a long hectic day at work, the first thing most of us look forward to doing is to go home and plop down on our cozy bed. At the end of most of the days, we are desperate to spend some quality time alone. Although we all think that we have our lives entirely figured out, however, most of us struggle to discover the right balance between work and personal life. Despite the best effort, work can be tiring at times and drains out the energy from ourselves to feel motivated for the next day. A sip from our favorite drink while curling up on the sofa and watching the favorite web series can act as stress busters during such situations. Grabbing a bottle of your favorite wine or beer from Dial a bottle Calgary services can be a refreshing and healthy experience. You can enhance your health by drinking moderately.

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy by drinking moderately your favorite beer or wine from your nearest store or by placing an order from Dial a bottle Calgary services:


Lowers heart-related risks and diseases:

A moderate amount of liquor can increase the levels of lipoprotein which is known as good cholesterol. Thus small amounts of beer or liquor consumption can lead to better sensitivity to insulin and less blood clotting.

Helps to combat common cold:

A few sips of red wine can help you to combat the common cold. According to a survey, moderate drinking helps to decrease the chances of the common cold for non-smokers.

Promotes fat burning:

High-quality red wine can help you to reduce additional calories and achieve the shape of your desire. According to a study in the USA, red wine contains Ellagic acid, a chemical that minimizes the growth of fat cells and enhances the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver. So moderate drinkers are much likely to attain a better shape than who do not drink at all.

Contains vitamins:

A high-quality alcoholic beverage contains vitamin B riboflavin and thiamin along with magnesium and calcium. There are several brands of dark beers would give you an extra boost of iron by helping oxygen to circulate throughout the body. Therefore dial our number for beer delivery at your doorstep after you get back from the work.

Brain protection:

Do you know, beer is good for your brain! According to a journal, beer contains a component called xanthohumol. This component makes sure the brain remains healthy and fit. Xanthohumol possess the capability to minimize possible damages and slow down the brain’s deterioration processes, which later on helps to avoid any diseases.


Grabbing the bottle of favorite alcohol or beer after a hectic day at work is not the best idea. Therefore dial a bottle services have gained its popularity in Canada. They offer liquor delivery service round the clock to the mentioned address within a short span may be few hours or less. You don’t need to step out to savor your favorite drink at the comfort of your home after a long hectic day. So give us a call and your drinks will get delivered at your doorstep. Relax and drink moderately, as you have another great day ahead.

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