Friday 29, January, 2016

Unique Ways to Celebrate Special Occasions this Year

We are not yet over with the hangovers of Christmas and New Year, and already we have a list of upcoming occasions. It’s a better approach to perk up 2016 by planning unique ways to celebrate special occasions knocking at the door!

Unique ways to celebrate special occasions

Valentine’s Day

How to say “I Love You” without going over budget, in way that wraps emotions; just you-and-me moments? The answer is simple. Pick up a secluded venue, even better if you arrange a candle light dinner at home as you will get more options to give a personalized touch to the whole setting. Decorate the place with small bouquets of red flowers, dish out some tasty cuisines and a tall glass of red wine. To create that unique element in your cozy Valentine’s Day celebration, do not miss out the hot chocolate fest. Calgary is going to witness delicious and innovative signature hot chocolates in restaurants and cafes during the month of February. It is obvious that the cafes and restaurants will be jamming with chocolate lovers. But, why take so much pain when you can enjoy them at home! Just give a call to gift and flowers delivery service provider in Calgary, place your chocolate order and it will be delivered to your home in no time. The two of you can indulge in some chocolaty affair on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

Easter Holidays

Make the religious holiday more memorable and fun filled by celebrating with your family. The day is also one that surrounds Easter egg decorating and hunts. After having your Easter sermon, spend some great time with friends and family, enjoying one another’s company and a great meal. Think about preparing some tasty treats and meals, to share with your loved ones. Themed Easter meals can have deviled eggs, ham, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes. Or you can also ditch homemade meals and get rid of all the cooking hassles for the day, and order lip-smacking foods from the popular restaurants in Calgary. Liquor Delivery Calgary can bring to your door step yummy delicacies and fresh foods from the restaurants you prefer.

Beer Festivals

A true Calgarian can never miss a beer festival! Invite your friends and loved ones to be a part of the beer festival organized by you at your home! Include some rocking music, chilled crates of beers, peanut butter brownies and lemon tarts. This is a one-of-a-kind festival, which is quickly becoming the newest tradition of Calgary!

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries fall every year. So, we much look for innovative ideas to make them more happening and frolicking. Call for an ideal private party by gathering friends for a fun celebration with a bountiful cocktail party and hors d’oeuvres. You can order more food and wines in the middle of the party anytime by calling Liquor Delivery Calgary.

Irrespective of whether you choose a quiet, hush-hush celebration or a big one with the whole family and relatives, remember that your anniversary is a date of celebration for you and your spouse’s love for each other. Whatever your plans are, make sure to be under the limelight.

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