Thursday 22, January, 2015

Top Ways to Keep Beer Chill at a Get-Together

For a beer lover, nothing feels worse than cracking open a beer bottle just to find it is not icy cold or warm. How to keep beer cold at a party is the everlasting dilemma when fridge space is limited. Worry not, as we show you how with a few clever ideas you can avoid an embarrassing situation for offering warm beer at a party yet again.

Beer fridge

A dedicated beer fridge offers the easiest way to keep alcoholic drinks at the right temperature. That way you don’t need to take up valuable room in your usual fridge and you can maintain a somewhat colder temperature than what is recommended to chill food, ensuring a freezing cold beer every time. 6-9℃ is the best temperature for light beers such as pilsners, lagers and wheat beers.

Keep Beer Chill

Ice bath

The ancient trick is to fill a bathtub with ice, or at least part-ice and part-cold water. If you need to cool bottles quickly, you can also add salt to the iced water as the salt lowers the temperature at which the water freezes. The more salt, the lower the freezing point is.

Keep in mind that 1 cup of salt to 3 cups of water will lessen the temperature to around -10, allowing the water to quickly chill, and stay cool, without turning into ice. When it comes to heat transfer, liquid is far more effective than solids. Hence, this is a good way to rapidly chill those beers. If you are throwing an outdoor party, trudging inside to bring a fresh beer often requires far too much effort. Instead, you can simply fill up a paddling pool in the shade.

Portable Cooler

The cooler or portable ice box will enable you to drink cold beers and with it you are ready to party anywhere you want or wherever you are.

Natural Cooler

If you happen to be arranging a party up in the mountains close to a ski resort, sticking your beer out in the snow would be a great idea. Even if you don’t reside in a snow-prone region, the weather may still be cold enough on the coolest winter days. So, pile your drink up outside to ensure a perfectly chilled beer. For the enthusiasts who are not much willing to invest in a beer fridge, digging a trench in the garden also works as the temperature underground is constantly cool.

However, always remember that stouts or ales should not be served icy cold. Usually, pale ales and stouts should be served at 8-12 and strong porters and ales at 12-14. Wrapping beer bottles in a wet newspaper or an aluminum foil is an effective do-it-yourself method to insulate cold beers. Choose Dial a Bottle service in Calgary to get fast and easy delivery of your favorite beers.

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