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Top Canadian Beer Brands For Connoisseurs To Enjoy in Style!

Canadians are known for their beer drinking culture. The country takes the pride of place of being counted among the top 20 beer guzzling nations in the world. The people here don’t need any special occasion to raise a toast but consume the drink in gallons all across the country. Even though foreign beer brands have their connoisseurs, the Canadian made beer too has its share of patrons. In fact, the Canadians want their beer strong and chilled and savour it in style, be it after a hard day’s work or post playing an intense sport like baseball/hockey. Let us find out the best Canadian beer brands that have carved a niche for themselves.

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Moosehead Lager: Made by Moosehead Breweries, arguably the oldest independent brewery in Canada, the Lager is known for its refreshing flavour and light hue. The beer is made by adding Canadian malt barley to dollops of Spruce lake water. This brings about a combination of sweet and bitter taste in the mouth thanks to the presence of malt and hop. The beer can be best paired with cheese and burger.

Molson Canadian: The beer is made from premium Prairie barley and does not contain any preservatives. It is light in flavour and contains about 5% of alcohol by volume. It is priced economically and has a full bodied taste.

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde: The smooth golden ale made by Sleeman Brewing comes in blonde colour. The drink combines the flavours of malt, hops and wild spices. It has an alcohol content of 9% in volume.

Labatt Blue: This refreshing lager drink leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth in addition to providing a subtle fruit and a specific hop flavour. The ingredients of Labatt Blue are the Canadian barley, malted barley and Hallertau hops.

Molson Pilsner: The pale lager is brewed by the Molson breweries in Montreal, Quebec and contains an alcohol content of 5% in volume. This old but light lager beer has a distinct aroma that appeals to the palette of beer aficionados.

Sleeman’s Honey Brown: With an alcohol content of 5.2%, the full bodied brown lager tastes of chocolate caramel, honey, fruit, butterscotch and chalk. The brand owes its origins to the Sleeman’s book of recipes and has crystal clear well water among its ingredients.

Unibroue Trois Pistoles: The beer with a smooth finish has the distinct aromas of roasted malt, chocolate, fruits, brown rum and dark spices. It has an alcohol content of 9% and has a sustained effervescence.

Big Rock Traditional Ale: The ale has a combination of flavours such as that of bitter hop (mild), roasted malt, caramel, creamy and nuts. It is brewed in the traditional English style in Calgary and has an alcohol content of 5%.

Dieu Du Ciel Péché Mortel (Bourbon Barrel): With over 9% alcohol content, this beer has a strong bourbon coffee accent. It contains a strong flavour of tobacco, cocoa powder, and dark chocolate.


The Canadian appetite for beer is second to none as the country is known for its high consumption of beer. The various types of Canadian beer brands are a testimony to the country’s rich brewing tradition.

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