Monday 14, September, 2015

Top Advantages of Dial A Bottle Service

As the summer snow already signaled the change in weather, most of the Calgarians are gearing up for cold weather activities, which include stocking up of quality wines and liquors. Besides, there are several other occasions like family get together, friends’ party and official events; demanding quality liquors and exotic wines that simply taste fresh and good. In such scenarios, you need a mind-blogging way to purchase wines, liquors and some unique gifts to make the party more happening without spending much time and effort. So, before you start listing your orders, here is a list of top benefits that a liquor door-step delivery service provides.

Dial A Bottle Services

Less Time-Consuming and Less Hectic

Wine and liquor shopping can eat away loads of time and energy, especially if you are planning for a party. It includes making a list, wandering to and from the liquor stores, asking the store operator if your preferred flavor and brand is present, then standing in the queue for bill payment. So, it’s no strange why more and more people are inclining toward Dial A Bottle service. You just need to dial the number, place the order and it will reach your doorstep in no time.

Order the Variety You Want to Pamper Your Taste Buds 

Be it a physical store or an online shopping cart, the stock is often limited. On the contrary, firms that take orders by telephone and deliver the same to your address on time can practically offer a wide range of products as they are teamed with not one but many leading liquor stores. Not only liquors, but some of these trusted service providers in Calgary also offer lip smacking pizzas, burgers, chicken fires from leading brands like McDonald’s and KFC. Thus, you can pick up the best and the most applicable item that matches the occasion and status, that too from the comfort of your own shelter.

Fresh and Timely Delivery

There are plenty of occasions when punctuality matters a lot! Bringing wines, exotic cocktails, and delicious dishes for events like corporate meetings, office dinner or similar instances can be a tiring and confusing task. A majority of dial a bottle facility allow customers to schedule the delivery time as per the requirement, such as date, time and venue. Thus, while you focus on arranging the party, the company takes care of delivering the liquor and food on time.

Get Expert Consultation

When it comes to purchasing rare and exotic liquors and wines, the most important aspect is purchasing the correct set of items. When you are unable to decide on what fits the occasion, ask for expert consultation that the service provider offers.

Dial A Bottle service greatly simplify the procedure of buying wine and liquor. In addition, the expert advices and swift delivery has fetched loads of thumbs up from customers.

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