Friday 06, December, 2013

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Calgary During the Winter

Calgary is a paradise for winter lovers all across the globe. You can well imagine this location for every great winter activity. There is so much for the visitors to do and Calgary families can have a great experience while enjoying the long winter months to the fullest. If your family and kids are looking for spur-of-the-moment fun activities and your schedule does not allow you to plan in advance, there are still loads of quality winter activities that can be pleasurable even without cutting into your monthly budget.

Calgary Winter Festival
Calgary Winter Festival: At Winterfest, experience some of the excellent Calgary winter activities of the year. Some of the highlights of this annual event include live performances, carnivals, music, dance, entertainment prizes, storytelling, games and crafts and so much more. It is an outstanding family oriented festival and great for children as well. It is truly a great way to celebrate your holiday with lots of fun during the extremely cold winter here in Calgary. Winterfest takes place in February and continues for 11 days.

Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames: During your exciting day trip, don’t miss out on the Calgary Flames of the NHL. Since hockey is an ideal Canadian sport, enjoy a live hockey game to have the essence of full action and if you go with the entire family it becomes enjoyable. There are various hotels nearby that offer transportation from and to the Flames home games.

Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding: Not many spots offer dog sledding whereas this can be an added advantage in this city. Howling Dog Tours is an exciting outfit that offers a fantastic experience of a hands-on dog sledding. You can either travel as a passenger or learn how to drive a dog sled team. During winter time, dog sledding gives a unique perspective on the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing: Calgary is ever popular for some of the best ice climbing areas in the world. Yamnuska Mountain Adventures has been in this business for more than 30 years. Operated and owned by certified guides or climbers, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures introduces day programs for all novice without any ice climbing experience, intensive semester programs and week long programs for the serious mountaineer.

Ice Walks
Ice Walks:  In the area, there are different canyons to offer you unique experience like ice walks. The ice walk on a frozen creek through Grotto Canyon featuring ancient rock art, unusual rock formations and ice falls can give you a heavenly feel. Johnston Canyon is also celebrated as into the canyon walls, steel walkways have been built there. Along the Lake Minnewanka’s shoreline, the frozen lake’s ice cap crackle pervades the air as you move on to Stewart Canyon Bridge and warm up next to roast marshmallows and a campfire.

Outdoor Ice Skating
Outdoor Ice Skating: Visitors and locals enjoy skating on various artificial outdoor rinks, rivers, ponds and lakes. Skating spots include Johnston Lake, Forty Mile Creek, Lake Louise and Two Jack Lake. However, it is wise to inquire with locals regarding the current conditions for skating on such spots before you venture out yourself.

Tobogganing: Get started with your snow gear to explore different great tobogganing hills around the city. St. Andrews Park, Nose Hill Park and Confederation Park are some of the many popular hills in Calgary.

Enjoy Meals Together: Make some mouth watering dishes accompanied with exclusive wine delicacies and have a blast with an awesome family diner time. Simple recipes like your own pizza on a full-grain crust garnished with some tomato sauce can do wonders. Make a crust or a whole-wheat pita and set out with bowls of various ingredients like pineapple, pepperoni, peppers, cheese, mushrooms and onions for your kids to choose from. Healthy and tasty meal being your own creation, served in an innovative way can offer an excellent fun moment.

During nice winter days it will be amazing to spend family time outdoors. So, now what all you require is a proper set of winter clothes for your children and an extra set of mittens. What is your best preferred Calgary winter activity? Though the city has wide ranging awesome activities to choose from, it’s hard to say. With the winter’s winds blowing gently, it is all the more tempting to get out and explore the city for an absolute adventurous feel. Get your children bundled up and go outside to enjoy the day!

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