Thursday 27, January, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Drinking Gin can be Good for Your Health

Gin is produced from a certain type of berries called juniper berries, which are regarded as “super fruits” and known to produce the healthiest of all spirits called gin. Gin is a low-calorie spirit with botanical properties that exist even after undergoing the process of distillation. Thus, when it comes to gin, it is not surprising that it has several health benefits! Due to the growing awareness of how drinking gin is good for health, it is growing in popularity across the world. So, if you are still worrying whether your inclination to gin is good or not, then let us assure you that after reading this blog you may like to enjoy another glass of your favourite spirit from the popular dial a bottle service.

What are some of the top health benefits of drinking gin?

Gin has some remarkable health benefits, which should do you a world of good if you drink moderately. The host of benefits is as follows:

Low in Sugar

Gin can be a wise choice for the ones looking for spirits that have low sugar content. However, to get this benefit, you should not forget to choose a gin mixer, which when mixed with gin does not increase the sugar content in it.

benefits of Gin

Reduce Wrinkles

Yes, you read it right! Gin helps to reduce your wrinkles. This is because gin is produced from juniper berries, which are packed with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are known to promote youthful and healthy skin. Can you suggest a tastier remedy than this? So why wait to enjoy your favourite gin mix? Order from a top dial a bottle service and enjoy.

Helps to Cure Bloating

Juniper berries that produce gin are known to act as a natural diuretic and the herbs that are used to create the drink are known to help in the digestion process. This is the reason why gin helps to cure bloating by easing the process of digestion.

Heals Joint Pain

Besides being good for digestion and reducing wrinkles, juniper berries are also known to heal rheumatism and arthritis. Maybe your favourite spirit may not cure your joint pain right away, but according to some people, soaking a few raisins in gin and drinking them can help to heal your joint pain.

Keeps Hay Fever at Bay

Gin has low histamine content and many believe gin can help to cure hay fever better than beers and other spirits. Especially drinking gin during the summer months can help to keep your cough and cold at bay.


There are several benefits of drinking gin. However, in this blog, we have discussed the top five ways in which gin is good for your health. So, if you were earlier worried about drinking gin, now you know drinking a moderate amount of gin may not cause any harm to you, instead can benefit you in many ways. So, are you ready to try out different types of gin and fill your stock with your favourite gin? Then place your order from the top dial a bottle Calgary liquor store. Now you can also avail yourself a 24-hour dial a bottle service from us. To order, dial 403-918-3030 or drop a mail at or visit


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