Monday 14, July, 2014

Tips to Store and Preserve Wine

Your work does not end with simply availing a great wine from Calgary Dial a Bottle service in NW. And, if you are not going to drink the spirit then and there, it must be stored properly. Very few wines available in the market actually get better with age and not all of us can afford to have a wine cellar that is humidity and temperature controlled. So, does that mean your wine cannot be stored properly? Not really; just read on to find out more.

Tips to Store and Preserve Wine

Temperature– For the optimum health of a wine, temperature is the most important factor. Heat is its biggest enemy and you have to keep it as cool as possible. However, that does not mean that you have to freeze it. The ideal temperature is between 45° F to 65° F. While keeping in the freezer for a long period of time, be careful as that might lead to drying out of corks. This will in turn allow seepage of air into the bottle, damaging the spirit.

Steady is the Key– The most important thing while storing wine is to make sure that the temperature is maintained and kept steady. Frequent and extreme temperature swings should be avoided at all costs. Minor fluctuations are not factors to worry about but your main aim should be to maintain consistency.

Direct Sunlight– Light or sunlight to be precise is another sworn enemy of your spirit. That is why those with wine cellar choose a cool and dark place, away from all direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun can lead to degradation and premature aging of the spirit. Even lamps can affect the quality of wines. If you want to use bulbs then opt for incandescent bulbs which are a better solution since they emit minute amounts of UV light.

Vibration– It is believed too much vibration or shaking could lead to the wine being damaged in long run since it speeds up the liquid’s chemical reactions. So it is best to avoid places that have heavy foot traffic or somewhere near normal household appliances. In fact, it is best to avoid moving the location of the wine too much so that it is offered the maximum stability.

Sideways Storage– Conventionally, the bottles should always be stored by laying them on the sides. This ensures that the cork is not dried out since the liquid is kept against the cork. However, if you will drink the spirit soon then this step may not be necessary. Also if the closures are alternatives like plastic or glass corks or screw caps, then this step may be avoided.

A little care never hurt anyone, especially not your precious wines. If you have paid good prices then it is worth saying that they should be treated well to enjoy later.

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