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Tips on Pairing Up Some Heady Cocktails with Delicious Dishes

Few experiences in life can be as pleasurable as enjoying good food and drinks with your loved ones on a weekend. Delicious foods combined with the alcohol of your choice works wonders in relieving you from all sorts of anxieties at least for few moments and allow you indulge in real enjoyment. So, why not create such moments for yourself and present them to others too? Calgary Dial a Bottle with its promise of a range of quality liquors and snacks makes it hassle- free for you to prepare some excellent cocktails and most importantly, pair them up with the right kind of food.

While sipping a heady cocktail or gorging on a sumptuous meal is a pleasurable experience in itself, it is actually a combination of the two that you should try to strike at. Remember that while the right drink can enliven the already good experience of dining, the wrong one can actually ruin it. In fact, there are certain techniques of pairing cocktails with food and it is best to avail the assistance of the expert and professional bartenders.

Cocktails with Delicious Dishes
Strike at the Right Combination of Food and Drinks

However, here is a list of few popular ways of pairing up cocktails and snacks or main courses:

1.  Shepherd’s Pie, which is a traditional Irish main course, comprising potatoes, lamb and cheese, goes best with Irish beer.

2.  If you are up for some Chicken Gumbos, feel free to try your hands at some new types of cocktails with the base of wine or beer. The spicy nature of the dish is complimented in a perfect way by the flavor of the wine.

3.  If you are preparing something hot and spicy, you should always go for chilled beer as the combination of two satiates taste buds to the fullest.

It is not just with respect to the main courses that you need to plan up for the drinks but also for desserts that tastes good when paired up with certain kinds of drinks.

The professionals at Calgary Dial a Bottle can help you sufficiently in this regard by offering you with a sheer range of alcohols for you to mix up. You can also get informed about bar tenders who can guide you in a house party or so.

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