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The Many Varieties of Wine That Make People Swoon

Wine has been consumed since ages and remains one of the preferred drinks of choice among connoisseurs. It is mainly prepared from fermented grapes that is brought about by the action of yeast on sugar. The non grape variety of wine on the other hand is made from rice, plum, cherry, pomegranate, and elderberry. The many varieties of grape wine is produced from different strands of grapes and yeast.

If classified in terms of colors, red and white are the most popular ones that come with their individual varieties.

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Red Wine

The typical red color is obtained from dark colored grape skin while other shades are mainly indicative of the ‘age’ of wine. For example, the violet colored wine is of recent origin while that of red and brown colors are considered to be of vintage. The different varieties of red wine are as follows:


Pronounced as Sah-ra, this red wine variety is a popular choice from France’s Rhone valley in addition to the California region of US and Australia. The wine smacks of a wild black fruit flavour with black pepper and roasting meat flavour hanging over it. Moreover, the oak barrels keeping the wine render their own toffee taste to it as well.


Its soft texture makes it an introductory drink of sorts for those initiated into drinking of red wine. It hails from the Bordeaux region of France but is also grown in the West coast of US, Australia, and other countries. The flavour is mainly of black cherry and herbs.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Pronounced Ka-ber-nay So-vee-nyon, this variety is stored in oak barrels to get its distinct flavour. It is mainly grown in the regions of France, Australia, Chile, and California.

Pinot Noir:

Called Pee-no Nwar, this variety is one of the most sought after alcoholic beverages among wine connoisseurs. Its mainly grown in the Burgundy region of France besides in places like Austria, New Zealand, California, and Oregon. The wine has less smattering of polyphenols but has a rich aroma of cherry, strawberry, and plum.

White Wine

This type of wine is produced from green or yellow colored grapes, and typically comes in the colors of straw yellow, yellow green or yellow gold. The various varieties of white wine are as follows:


Mainly grown in Germany but also in California and Eastern USA, this variety is little sweet in taste with a strong acidic flavour backing it up. The aroma is mainly of apple and the drink tastes better as it ages.


This aromatic wine is mainly grown in the Alsace region of Germany along with the Western coast of USA and New York. It has a strong taste of grapes with added flavours of peach, lychee, and rose petal.


Pronounced Shar-doe-nay, this popular wine of the nineties is mainly grown in the Burgundy region of France. Its velvety texture speaks of rich citrus flavours such as lemon and grapes. The wine can gather a butter like taste if fermented in oak barrels.

Sauvignon Blance:

Pronounced So-vee-nyon Blah, this variety of white wine is mainly grown in New Zealand, Australia, and France. It has a herbal flavour that smacks of bell pepper and is lighter than its Chardonnay cousin. Other flavours include that of apples, pear, and gooseberry.

Notwithstanding its origin and growing regions, wine is considered to be a favourite among alcoholic beverages. Its connoisseurs are spread all across the world, be it in USA, Europe, Japan, Chile, or Canada. In fact, Canada has plenty of wine lovers with a number of online outlets spread across the country catering to wine delivery in Calgary and other places.

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