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The Many Types And Styles of Your Favourite Beer

Among all the alcoholic drinks beer is arguably the one that we are initiated into when we taste alcohol for the first time. The drink has an effervescent quality (not the froth that stays at the top though!) that connects the young and old alike. There is nothing like holding a mug of beer and watching your favourite team play. The humble yet popular drink has been known to people across countries and is categorized into three types – Lagers, Ales, Malts.

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In this type of beer, the yeast remains at the bottom of the beer solution after the fermentation process. It needs a much cooler area to ferment in the best possible way and is relatively slower than the Ales process. In fact, the beer type is stored in freezing temperatures for months. The word Lager means ‘to store’ as derived from its German origin word, ‘Lagern’.

Thanks to its relatively longer ageing process, lagers acquire a distinct refined taste that can range from being sweet to bitter. As the more popular beer type consumed in the world, its colouration can vary from pale to black.


This beer type differs from lagers in the form of the yeast settling at the top after the fermentation process that takes place at cellar temperatures. Ales are more complex and exude aromas of fruits, spices, and malt. These have generally darker hues ranging from gold to amber, and a taste that smacks of being acidic and bitter. The many varieties of Ales include Abbey Ales, Nut Browns, Bitters, Milds, Pale Ales etc.


This type of beer tastes sweet and has a low alcohol content. It follows a minimal fermentation process and contains ingredients such as barley malt syrup, yeast, hops, sugar, and water. This beverage is considered nutritious as well.

Then, there is another type of beer that is formed out of spontaneous fermentation. This sour tasting drink has its origins in Belgium, and is formed when the fermentation process involves both the yeast and wild bacteria.

Besides being categorized into four types, beer can be classified based on its style as well. Let’s know about them.


These can be either lagers or ales, and offer full bodied aromas of malt with a tinge of caramel.


This pale coloured beer has a slightly bitter taste and smacks of the aromas of hops and malt.


These come in either dark amber or brown colour where the brown ones have flavours of chocolate. The beer betrays a slight tinge of citrus flavour as well.


Milder in character, this ale type of beer tastes sweet.


This typical British ale beer comes in a combination of ingredients such as hops, malts, and yeast in a chestnut brown hue.


These are generally considered as ales and have a low bitter taste. These have a dominant fruit aroma akin to its name and a subdued malt flavour.


Smacking of vanilla and citrus, this ale type of beer has a more spicy taste.


There are a few more styles of beer, which make it a versatile drink for connoisseurs. If you happen to sate your taste for an exotic beer then click on Calgary dial a bottle.

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