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The Best Canadian Whiskey Brands Delivered in Calgary

The Canadian whiskey making tradition of using the spicy grain, rye has spawned both aficionados and detractors alike. The aficionados swear by the grain’s sharp notes that enhance its taste from the otherwise bland taste of the sweet corn. The detractors, on the other hand, do not treat the drink as that of a premium quality and have declared it to be fit for mixing or blending alone. In fact, across the border, the so called light Canadian whiskey is not exactly popular due to the fact that Canadian rye whiskey can be made without any presence of ‘rye’. This is in sharp contrast to its American namesake that mandates the use of around 51% of the rye grain. However, this does not mean that all Canadian whiskey brands are devoid of any presence of rye, but, on the contrary, the best among them are known for their distinct and sharp rye flavour. Let us find out the best Canadian whiskey brands that are quite popular with the connoisseurs.

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Pike Creek Port Barrel Finish Canadian Whisky

This particular whiskey brand goes through the rigours of elements like summer and winter while being cooped up in wooden barrels under strict supervision. The rye gives the drink a spicy feel but with an appeal of cream. Though this can be a treat for rye lovers, it can put off drinkers as well who have a distaste for all things rye or rather, its pungent taste.

Crown Royal Reserve

For some, this brand is iconic and the creme de la creme among all Canadian whiskey brands. It offers a subdued sharpness of rye leaving both the lovers and detractors into its fold. The remarkably thin quality of rye present here comes with the flavours of oak and maple, besides the sweetness of corn.

66 Gilead Crimson Rye Whisky

This pure rye whiskey aged in Pinot Noir barrels gets its distinct red colour and is surprisingly, not sharp in taste. This is because the Pinot Noir barrel imparts the flavours of fruits thus offsetting the sharpness of rye to some extent. Moreover, it is probably the ageing factor that makes the whiskey tastes sweeter (instead of being bitter and strong) while combining the tastes of oak, chocolates and raisins. The whiskey can make rye detractors appreciate its sweetness and an earthy aftertaste.

Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky

This rye whiskey again does not stand out for its bitter taste but is rather gentler and sweeter due to the presence of stuff like molasses, butter scotch, brown sugar and maple syrup. The whiskey is a blend of rye, barley and corn distilled separately thus lending its distinct taste.
Alberta Premium Dark Horse 12-year-old

A rye whiskey again (seems, the Canadian whiskey is all about rye!,) this is a blend of two or more – a 12 year old rye whiskey, a 6 year old pot rye, a corn whiskey and a subtle touch of sherry. The taste combines the spiciness of pepper with the subtle tastes of oak, raspberry, ginger and caramel.


The rich taste of rye in the Canadian whiskey notwithstanding, the drink has evolved over a period of time. If you want to savour the best ones in the city of Calgary, just dial or visit the site of alcohol delivery service in Calgary.

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