Friday 17, August, 2018

Talk About Beer Like a Pro: Know Your 6 Types of Beer

Open the beer menu and you enter a dizzying world of options and variations. At first, all of these might just look similar, one sip onto the glass and all of your 10,000 taste buds come to play. So you thought that there was just one type of beer, the regular one you have? Well, you are mistaken. The beer family is large and extensive, which means there are numerous members and each member has their own unique identity. For instance, the ale is light but the lager is lighter. The different fermentation process, the primary ingredients, the temperature used during the fermentation process and the alcohol content, all play a major role in deciding the flavour of the beer.

Now when attending a party, you may want to show off your knowledge about the family. To aid you, a list of the most common beer along with their characteristics have been summarized here. Keep reading if you want to become a pro by the end of the article.

What is Ale?

The most-popular amongst beer, ales are further classified into different types like American ale, English ale, blonde ale and pale ale to name a few. Each has a unique look and flavour that sets them apart from the rest. This type of beer is brewed from malted barley and have lower alcohol content. Ales are easy to drink due to their malty flavour.

What is Pilsner?

The hallmark of the beer family, pilsners are light (unlike the other varieties) and refreshing, ideal for a hot summer day. Originated from the Czech Republic, different versions of pilsner have different look and flavour. For instance, German pilsners are pale golden in colour and have a crisp flavour, whereas the versions from the Czech Republic are darker and bitter.

What is Weissbier?

The typical German beer brewed in the Bavarian style, Weissbier is known for its sweet taste. Malted wheat is used instead of barley as a major ingredient thus adding to its sweetness. Though, Weissbier is known for the high alcohol contents which makes extremely strong.

What is Lager?

In terms of both flavour and colour, lagers are on the lighter side. Their frothy quality can be attributed to these being carbonated. This type is usually preferred by the newcomers in the world of beer. Lagers are usually made with fermenting yeast and has a lower concentration of alcohol, which is what adds to their popularity.

What is Stout Beer?

The origin of stout beer can be traced back to England and Ireland, and the taste of it vary largely from their place of origin. Stouts are dark, rich and thick however doesn’t possess high alcohol content. The flavour of stout beer can imitate that of a sweetened espresso. The dark colour sets it off as difficult to drink, but the sweetness makes it one of the most popular in the category.

What is Porter?

Another one from The United Kingdom, porters have a similarity with stout beers, and often termed as cousins in the beer family. Due to the similarity in the ingredients with a stout like dark-roasted malts, porter shares the same dark colour. The only significant difference between the two being stout tastes more like coffee whereas their cousins have a very chocolaty taste. Also, the alcohol content in porter is often more than stouts, thus packing a bigger punch.

So, feel knowledgeable yet? Get a variety of beer delivered to your home with popular late night liquor delivery services and show off your newly acquired knowledge about beer to your friends by ordering the different types of beer.

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