Monday 05, August, 2019

Savour The Top 5 Summer Wines with Wine Delivery in Calgary

With summer just around the corner sipping on some healthy reds, roses and crisp white wines would be great to enjoy the flavor of the season indoors or outdoors. Wine always tastes great during any season, however, some wine lovers prefer to change their tastes as the climate warms up during the summer. The higher tannin and alcohol levels create a chewier effect in a red wine which can be surely enjoyed beside a fire in winter, but in summer also, wines can be equally savory if you select the right ones with wine delivery in Calgary, by Calgary Dial A Bottle services.

Here we have put together a list of great summer wines that are perfect for any occasions whether you plan on sitting poolside or tableside with friends and families:


Chateau Vartley is the producer of Taraboste, which is a 2015 vintage wine. This wine includes a pomegranate bouquet which is baked with superior additions of oriental spices and blackcurrant. It is made of thirty percent Merlot and seventy percent Cabernet Sauvignon. The velvety yet strong taste of tannins brings out the flavor of bitter cherries and dried plums. You can always select taraboste for any house party as it has the potential for subsequent flavor development in glass and maturation. Over time it justifies “Pur Aristocratic” character. Ripened cheeses, lamb and steak pair well with taraboste. If you want to taste the crisp taraboste at the comfort of your home, then order with a single phone call by dialing the number of Calgary dial a bottle, as we offer seamless delivery services by acting as a virtual 24 hour liquor store Calgary.


Estate Viognier

Estate Viognier provides distinctive and rich flavors of orange, pears, apricot, honeysuckle, and blossoms. It offers the drinker a full body mouthfeel and great flavor. This wine contains 14.5% ABV. This wine combines perfectly well with spicy Thai dishes, grilled fish and stir-fried snacks when served chilled. Calgary dial bottle services have a network with several liquor stores, therefore if you are looking for liquor stores that deliver near me on your smartphone to enjoy the taste of estate viognier, then you can easily choose us.

Lot 631

Cameron Hughes Wines have created this beautiful yellow wine. Lot 631 is made out of pinot grigio. It includes the savory aroma of acacia flower, honey, citrus zest, Asian pear, and almond. It is a vintage white wine feature seamlessly at cocktail parties and dinner tables. It includes 13.2% of ABV. Lot 631 was awarded special sommeliers choice award due to its versatility.

Rose et or

This wine was awarded due to the vibrant and zestful aromas with its intense freshness of the taste. It has a pale color with semi-transparent reflections.  The presence of white flowers and citrus fruit makes rose et or sharp on the nose. This wine can be combined with Asian food, strawberry, seafood, sushi, basil salad to offer the best taste to the sommeliers or wine lovers. Calgary dial a bottle service can offer you chilled and fresh rose et or at your doorstep with wine delivery services in Calgary.

Mitchell wines

Red earth wines are the producer of Mitchell wines which offer strong cellaring potential. This wine possesses the length and line to age more than a decade. The palate of the wine is vibrant and offers sweet-fruited taste with a luscious finish. It includes the taste of wet slate, ginger, lemon, and curd. This wine is well-matched with salmon and shellfish.

Although virtual, this wine tasting is meant to bring new zest into your summer wine adventures. Find all award-winning by just dialing the number of Calgary dial a bottle, to enjoy round the clock wine delivery in Calgary.

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