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Storing Wine at Home – Key Steps to Follow

 There are times when you may like to take a sip from your favourite wine after a hectic day at work. You go ahead and avail a dial a bottle Calgary service to order your favourite wine home. Well, you may have your reasons to love this aromatic drink. But, if you think that you can just keep your wine bottles on a shelf and leave them there for a long time, you are probably doing a disservice to you as a wine connoisseur. A lot of factors play a part when it comes to storing wines at home, which are often overlooked. So, today, we will provide a list of dos and don’ts to be considered while storing wines at home.

The list of dos and don’ts to store wines at home

Many of you may think that storing wines at home is a complicated process and takes a lot of careful handling. Well, it does and if you live in a relatively warmer place, say in Calgary, Canada, there are certain conditions to fulfil. Let us guide you with the steps to store wine. In the meantime, you may dial a bottle Calgary and get one of your favorite wines in town.

What you should do?

dial-a-bottleStorage Temperature: Temperature plays a crucial role when it comes to storing wines at home with the ideal temperature being approximately 550F. At this temperature, the wine ages slowly without any problem. Try not to store wine at a temperature that’s too high or low as it can lead to potential changes in color as well as flavor. Also, it’s important that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate beyond the ideal range, for it can dry the wine corks and cause the wine to leak.

Avoid Heat: Heat can cause the wine to develop inconsistencies such as unpleasant flavor and taste. Do you want to know how any dial a bottle service in Calgary keeps its wine tasty and flavorsome? Well, it uses LED lighting to reduce the exposure of wines to sunlight or incandescent lights. So, what are you waiting for? Start with replacing your bulb in the refrigerator with a LED.

Lay Bottles Down with Labels Facing Up: If you are planning to keep your wine bottles for more than a month, make sure the corks get sufficient moisture. This is because dried-out corks can grow cracks and allow the air to oxidize the wines before time. In order to make sure the corks get sufficient moisture, lay the bottles down with the label facing up to keep the corks in contact with the wine.

What you shouldn’t do

Leave Wine Out After Opening: A partially consumed wine can last for 3-5 days after being exposed to air. If you don’t want the taste and flavor of your wine to change, use a cork to seal the bottle or you can also use a screw cap to reduce the amount of air inside the bottle.

Vibrations: Too much noise or vibration can cause a change in the chemical composition of wine and alter its taste and flavor. This is why any professional dial a bottle service provider would keep the wine bottles in a place that doesn’t suffer frequent rattles and is least likely to be disturbed.

Don’t Submerge in Water: Although you may have heard that some wines are submerged underwater in the sea or ocean for aging, this is not a good option when it comes to storing them at home. If it remains in contact with water for a longer time, your wine may get spoiled. Try to keep the bottles dry as much as possible so that there is no growth of mold near the corks.


Who needs a cellar to be a collector of wine, right? All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned points to store your treasured bottles of wine at home. A perfect bottle of your special wine can be an amazing treat when kept properly. Now, without any further delay, avail a dial a bottle Calgary service and get your favorite wine at your doorstep. To state your requirements, visit call @ 403-918-3030.

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