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Stir-Up Cocktails Courtesy

A visit to the bar and you will certainly be greeted by the term ‘cocktail’. Technically speaking, a cocktail refers to an assortment of spirited drinks containing other ingredients like honey, mint leaves, milk etc. Although a section of liquor aficionados might sneer at cocktails for taking away the essence of a specific drink, the same has been lapped up by a large number of drinkers. So, whether you are a connoisseur of pure drinks or cocktails, the fact that the latter has made a niche cannot be ignored.

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The origins of cocktails go for a fascinating read. Among the most famous stories is that of a woman who used to mix spirited drinks, stir and garnish them with the feathers of her rooster. Thereafter, she used to serve the ‘mix’ to the soldiers in war torn Europe when the latter used to visit her tavern. It appears the soldiers carried with them the recipes of such mixed drinks and spread them in their countries and regions when they returned home. No matter what be the origins of a cocktail, the fact that it is preferred by many should not be lost on anyone. The best part of a cocktail is the garnishing done by skilled bartenders. The very sight of a frozen orchid or a fire glow in your Cosmopolitans, Margaritas or Sangria drink can send you into raptures.

Mixing drinks though sounds easy requires the right kind of skill to experiment. A slight mismatch and your cocktail might not taste like heaven. However, it is still not beyond you provided you have the will to learn – how to stir, shake and strain. Let us know about a few cocktails, which you can use to impress your guests. However, before you get ready to stir up a Martini, it is better to keep a few things in mind.

1.Stock your bar with the drinks you plan to mix for your cocktail

2. Keep the juices and garnishes ready. The garnishes can be made by using lemons, oranges, mint leaves, strawberries etc

3. Stock dollops of ice, the more aged the better

4. Fill the glasses with ice, yes, the ice should go first

5. Build a visual appeal by adding a splash of blue curacao or creme de menthe

A Few Cocktail Recipes

Mojito: This Cuban rum based drink offers subtle flavourings of mint and lime.

Cosmopolitan: The sight of red colour can stir your senses. The cocktail is made from vodka with flavourings of lime and cranberry juice.

Caprioska: Combining the basic ingredients of lime and sugar, this vodka based cocktail can be the a connoisseur’s delight. The addition of mint leaves rustles a kind of freshness into the drink.

Long Island Ice Tea: Get this potent combination by adding gin, rum, vodka, and tequila.

Bloody Mary: The drink has vodka as its base and comes with a touch of tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. The tangy cocktail has a spicy undertone.


The above mentioned cocktails can turn you into a popular host to whom the guests would like to frequent. To keep the ingredients of such cocktails ready at all times, call wine delivery in Calgary for the promptness of service and cost effective rates.

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