Tuesday 21, October, 2014

Serving Beer Properly- Things You Need to Know

In order to bring out the best in a beer, first you should consider its kind, and then the details that make a big difference in its appreciation. The determining factors include the serving temperature, the best time for drinking, the glass it is served in and even the way it is served.

Serving Beer

People mostly prefer drinking beer that is chilled to around 40° to 42° degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature which shows beers at their delicious best. Liquor needs to be cool enough to be refreshing, but not so freezing that the subtlety of flavor gets suppressed.


This temperature can be best obtained by storing alcoholic drink on the bottom shelf of the fridge, away from the freezer part or coldest section. Once removed from the refrigerator beers should be served before they warm up.

You must learn to open the bottles with care as it is important to make sure that they are not shaken or agitated. Avoid using faulty bottle openers as they can cause cracking or chipping of bottles. Use openers which are in good condition.

Choosing Ideal Glassware

Alcoholic drink is more enjoyable when served in a crystal clear glass vessel. The graceful stemmed goblet and the tall tapering pilsner are especially popular glasses for entertaining guests as they offer an elegant presentation of a reasonably priced beverage. Of course, beer tastes splendidly when served in almost any glassware like pewter or ceramic mug.

The trick is that you will get the best spark in your beer when your goblet sparkles. Any sign of soap, grease or lint from a towel will cut down on the beer tasting enjoyment. Clean glassware is required to obtain the perfect foam and flavor. There will be no bubbles clinging to the side of the glass if it is washed properly. The foam adheres to the inside of the beer glass in a ring design.

Practice will help you master the art of pouring the brew properly. Enjoy this festive season with anything but the best beer from Calgary Dial A Bottle Company.

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