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Serve the Best Wine Complementing your Dish Perfectly

Are you considering the idea of serving plush wine to your guests at the dinner celebration this weekend? Well, if so, then you must make it a point to know which flavor complements what kind of food. After all, striking a balance with the taste of the platter is essential to avoid ruining the entire arrangement of the gala celebration. Choosing the right bottle of the alcoholic drink complementing the food served on your table is a challenge, as you need to find the perfect flavor.

Serve the Best Wine Complementing your Dish Perfectly

The sheer varieties of the liquor and the choice between the medium, sweet, and dry flavors add to the complexity. While, any kind of flavor would go well with dishes like kebab, the same does not apply when it comes to complementing a wholesome meal. From, white, red, sparkling, to rose wines, the choice at the liquor shops are multiple. The only thing that turns out to be convenient is placing the order of the best quality liquor via the service of dial a bottle Calgary.

Complementing Wine and Main Meals

Wondering about which flavors go best with what kind of meal? Well, find your answers here:

1.      Red Meat Dishes

If you are planning to serve red meat dishes on your dinner table, the choice must rest with red wine. However, the generalized approach might not work in all cases and it is important for you to be precise with the choice. When it comes to beef fillet, the selection must always be claret wine. In cases of lamb dishes, a softer red wine is the best that you can have to accompany the meal. While complementing the meat dishes perfectly, you must remember to avoid serving wines that come with high alcohol content as it tends to reduce the flavor of the dish.

2.      White Meat Dishes

As per the generalized rule of choosing the exact drink complementing a platter, white meat dishes must always be served with white wine. However, it is not always wise to underestimate the character of red wine in complementing the dish at best. Strong flavored chicken platter goes excellent with heavy red wine while, fruity and light wines such as an Australian Shiraz or a Merlot from Rivas also enhances the taste largely. Considering the choice of rose wine too stands as a great option. A quality Chardonnay too stands as a wonderful choice for white meat dishes.

3.      Turkey Dishes

When it comes to stuffed Turkey that is oven-ready, considering the idea of complementing it with the best quality drink is never a bad choice. To serve your guests with a taste that is sure to leave a lasting impression, the fruityZinfandel comes up to be a good choice. This particular liquor accompanies the dish of roast turkey at best enhancing the flavor of the same largely.

4.      Fish Dishes

Similar to meat dishes, each fish dish tends to benefit from different kinds of flavors. However, dry white wine often complements most of the preparations; it does not always end up as the best choice. Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio stands as wonderful options for light cooked fish preparations. Alternatively, oak flavored Chardonnay or Pinot Gris complement rich and saucy fish preparations very well. If you are serving lightly fried fish, always rest your choice with sparkling wine.

5.      Dishes made with Cheese

When the cheese is strong, you must always consider choosing robust liquor. So, if there is stilton or cheddar on table, the drink must always be an aged Bordeaux or any other featuring bold flavors. Until, the drink is strong it cannot hold onto its own as against the strong cheese.

6.      Desserts

You have so long served coffee with desserts; this weekend walk the different road and rest your choice with dessert wine. The idea is to serve light drink with light desserts and in case of rich chocolate flavors; you must always serve red wines like Grenaches or Shiraz with the same. For pastry desserts, a sparkling wine of sweet flavor or white Riesling wonderfully complements the best.

So, you have now known which wine to serve with what kind of dish. All you need to do is check with the meal that is to be served at the table, give a call to the service providers of dial a bottle Calgary, and receive the doorstep delivery of the best quality drink.

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