Thursday 09, November, 2017

Savour Prompt Beer Delivery in Calgary At No Extra Charges

The growth of internet has brought umpteen opportunities touching almost every aspect of our lives. And with the spread of smartphones, it has become even more accessible. Be it for carrying out banking transactions, booking tickets, or shopping, there is hardly any area that has not been touched by the growth of the internet. The convenience of getting things at the touch of a button has made the science fiction of yesteryears a pleasant reality of today.

Beer delivery Calgary

A Highly Convenient Service

Imagine watching a baseball game on television with your friends, wherein while watching all of you agree upon one thing – to enjoy the occasion with pints of beer. Now, what do you do if your home bar runs out of beer? Do you go out to the neighbourhood liquor store and get the quota? Well, while you can do that you run the risk of missing some of the precious moments of unadulterated fun not to speak of a few thrilling moments of the game as well. The other option of ordering the same online is even better and much more convenient. Just type beer delivery Calgary on the search engine and get a list of sites offering the same.

Select the one that you feel will meet the criteria of quality, timeliness, and affordability, and place the order. From all counts, you will find Calgary dial a bottle store meeting the criteria. And by virtue of being one of the oldest liquor delivery stores in Calgary, the online store will deliver your ordered quantity of beer in the quickest possible time.

Highly Prompt Service

What is the use of ordering beer online if you get it late thereby killing all the fun and excitement. However, you need not worry about it with Calgary dial a bottle, for they are highly punctual and ensure the delivery of your ordered quantity of beer within an hour. At the same time, you should give some leeway if there are adverse situations such as storms, heavy traffic, damaged roads etc.

Available all Across Calgary

Calgary dial a bottle truly justify their name by delivering beer in every nook and corner of Calgary – NE, NW, SW, SE. And yes, they charge a nominal $9.99 for delivery in most parts of the city.

Convenient Payment Options

Many ecommerce companies resort to including hidden charges for maximizing profits, which is not the case with Calgary dial a bottle. The liquor store doesn’t charge any hidden cost from customers such as fuel surcharge etc. You can easily pay for the ordered beer from home or anywhere else through cash, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Debit, and Paypal.

It’s not Only About Beer

Although known for delivering beer and other kinds of alcoholic drinks such as rum, whiskey, vodka, wine, and champagne among others, the store has in its broad inventory items like fast food, pizza, flowers and numerous bespoke gifts. So, if you want to chomp on some fast food like the burger or french fries while sipping your favourite beer with friends, you can readily order for the same online.


The internet has made our lives easier wherein at our convenience we can avail quality beer delivery in Calgary promptly and at affordable charges.

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