Saturday 14, July, 2012

Savor the Taste of Tequila with Lip Smacking Food!

People believe that food should be paired with tequila according to the Mexican culture. There is a myth that one cannot enjoy a shot of tequila unless it is matched with conventional Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas. Wrong! Professional chefs believe that the drink will be equally enjoyable if paired with other recipes and appetizers. It is not Mexican food alone that enhances the boozing experience.

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Food that is spicy and hot can make a great pairing. More spicy the dish, the better. The spiciness, aroma, taste and acidity of chillies, pepper, warm dishes or other condiments can easily be balanced by combining with it different varieties. If you are really an alcohol enthusiast, you should not be purchasing the cheaper variety. Then, how will you know whether the liquor delivery  store you are buying from is a dependable one? Well, you have to do your research well. Everything comes with experience!

A lot of experimenting is being done with this drink and to savor its unique flavor one can relish it with desserts like pies, sorbet, cakes and even frozen desserts! Why desserts alone? It can also be a good match with salads and soups. The best way is using it as a complimentary constituent to improve the taste of a fresh recipe.

It also compliments citrus fruits as well as seafood. The acrid feel of the drink lends itself easily and embraces the sour and neutral feel of citrus fruits and seafood.

Are you a foodie and wish to pamper your taste buds with pork and poultry recipe? If yes, then make the drinking experience more memorable by combining woodsy flavored ‘tequila reposado‘ with poultry dishes. There are several options before you. You can drink it straightaway or add the same into your favorite sauce. You are also at liberty to indulge in it with a rich flavored martini that you prefer.

Why non-vegetarian dishes alone? Even vegetarian items like tomatoes or asparagus will go well if consumed with this liquor. If you are a lover of sweet fruits, then you have reason to rejoice. That’s because the liquor would go well with elderberries, grapes, raspberries, and strawberries. You can also relish the sweetish feel of litchi with this drink.

Last, but not the least is cheese that will help in improving its flavor. For better results, opt for cheese that is old and has rich taste. Some of the categories that you can opt for are feta, brie, blue and sweet cheese.

Do you know of other interesting pairings? Please leave your suggestions and comments.


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