Monday 30, June, 2014

Picking the Best Summer Wine to Dine with Your Beloved

The very mention of “wine” creates different moods in different people. It may bring back some happy memories of good times spent with loving people together. In some people, the drink may carry a person away if so much of alcohol is taken. Hence, exotic wines can create an enchanting mood, thereby putting you under the spell. Let’s have a discussion on some of the top summer wines to help you celebrate the happy season of mirth and sunshine with your loved ones.

Summer Wine to Dine

  • Chenin Blanc: It is an amazing variety of white grapes used in the Loire Valley of France to produce a series of wine styles from sparkling or dry to very sweet flavor like the very popular Vouvray. The dry flavor of Chenin Blanc is a great choice for the summer season.
  • Viognier: This white wine flavor is produced from the white grape variety that grows in different parts of Australia, South Africa, South American, California and the Rhone Valley of France. It makes dry and intense white wine with apricot or peach flavors.
  • Pinot Gris: It is also a kind of white grape having grey to pink shade belongs to the Pinot family. It makes a variety of pale and white rose wines, including rich white delicacies in Germany and Alsace of France and the famous light and dry Pinot Grigio of Italy. You can also look for brilliant New World Pinot Gris wines hugely found in California, New Zealand and British Columbia.
  • Malbec: This red grape is primarily produced in Argentina. It is used to make wine blends in Bordeaux in France. Ripe Malbec grapes are widely popular for making deeply colored and powerful South American wines having naturally high acidity and soft tannins.
  • Barbera: It is a red and bright grape variety that grows in Piemonte of Italy. An amazing medium-bodied red wine flavor is produced with this kind of deep colored grape that has low tannins, high acidity. Some of the famous delicacies are Barbera d’Alba and Barbera d’Asti.
  • Tempranillo: It is another popular variety of red grapes that is grown widely in northern Spain, Argentina and Portugal and produces brilliant red wines with ripe plum or cherry flavors.

Enough of understanding about the top summer wines has been done. And now it’s time to chill your wine bottles and have a blast with some excellent wine tasting experiences! Availing the best quality wines from renowned wine delivery company in Calgary Alberta will add more charm to your festive mood.

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