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Perfect Spring Drinking with Ideal Wines & Foods

The spring harvest calls up images of fresh greens, crunchy vegetables and tart salads. But how about pairing spring foods with wine? Yes…it’s yummy! As per the traditional concept, greens are the enemy of wines. The bitterness along with the sulfur-like flavors in asparagus and artichoke are mostly regarded as the antithesis of any wine foods.

Ideal Wines & Foods

But your worries end here with the following tips that will get you drinking at its best with the spring harvest. There are even a few off the radar solutions for the perfect alcohol with artichoke. And when you have Calgary Dial A Bottle services at your fingertips, availing doorstep delivery of your favorite wines and alcohol varieties is easier than ever.

Wines with Leafy Greens

On the menu list, if the salad section is the first thing you look for every time you are at a party or dinner table, you can jolly well call yourself a salad hoe. When pairing with spring food take these guidelines to heart.

  • Wine need to be more acidic than the salad so they will not taste flat. Try to keep away from Viognier or Chardonnay unless you can have a delicate cream dressing.
  • Usually, leafy greens have an acidic and bitter taste to them, so make sure that your wine is missing bitterness. To balance bitterness, if possible, try a white wine and save the red for later.
  • Your wine should be sweeter if your food is sweet. It is a smart way to ensure that the sweetness of the food does not overwhelm the wine delicacies. Remember this, especially if you are enjoying dessert. Go for tasting a Moscato, Gewürztraminer or Riesling.
  • Go floral with wines with floral aromatics. As the floral aromas have an affinity to fruit, the wine will be more enjoyable paired with foods having the use of fruits. Try Moroccan Cuisine with a Sangiovese Rosé and a subtle savory strawberry cream with Pinot Noir Rose.
  • With savory foods with fruit, Rosé wines work wonderfully.

When it comes to pairing wines with spring food, matching the intensity of the food with intensity of the wine is important. Now, enjoy the essence of lovely spring while drinking wine with fresh leafy greens!

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