Thursday 15, July, 2021

Pairing Your Pizza with the Perfect Beer of Your Choice

Beer is amazing and pizza is great. So, when you have both together, it’s like a perfect match made in heaven. And, the best thing about both of them is that there are so many different varieties to choose from. But, at the same time, this is what makes it hard to choose which beer pairs perfectly with which pizza.

There’s nothing like the perfect timing to eat pizza, right? It all depends on your mood. All you have to do is decide on your favourite pizza and order a beer that goes well with it. Dial your favourite beer delivery Calgary store up and make your experience with pizza truly amazing.

Best Beer & Pizza Pairings: A Comprehensive Guide

Today, in this blog, we will provide you a beer and pizza pairing guide which you can, surely, use for your reference. Now, if you prefer your pepperoni pizza with a lager, hey that’s your call!

Cheese Pizza

Pair with: Light or Wheat Ales

Let’s not complicate a classic! Be it mozzarella or plain cheese- it’s always tasty and guaranteed to please. This is why a crisp and lighter brew like White Ales is the perfect match for a regular cheese slice.

It will not only go down clean and smooth but also retain enough of its bitterness for the cheese without overpowering your meal.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pair with: Pale Ale

Pepperoni adds a nice kick of spice to pizza, which is why you’ll want a light and malty beer to help wash it down with.

So, Pale Ale is definitely the one that will stand up to this. It will bring out the spice of the pepperoni while balancing out the saltiness.

Mushroom & Spinach Pizza

Pair with: Stouts

An English Ale like Old Speckled Hen or a Chocolate Stout with a subtle earthy hop profile and a bit of sweetness will brighten up your mushroom and spinach pizza. The sturdy flavor of the stout brew adds depth to the umami flavor of the mushrooms and earthy flavors of spinach.

You can also add onions or sausage for a complete balance.

Hawaiian Pizza

Pair with: fruity Beers

Even though serving pineapple on pizza might be a touchy topic online, this polarizing topping style is a staple in most pizzerias. This pizza combines tart pineapple with smoky Canadian bacon and works best with fruity or flavored beers.

The citrus notes of this beer pair perfectly with the pineapple while their hint of bitterness cuts through the saltiness of the bacon.

So, next time when you eat a Hawaiian pizza, don’t forget to order a fruity beer from your favorite liquor delivery Calgary service provider.

Veggie Pizza

Pair with: Lagers

While having vegetarian pizza, you usually experience a myriad of flavors from each veggie at once. They are typically loaded with bell papers, olives, onions, and many other vegetables.
Lagers are a good match as it plays second fiddle to the delicate veggies without overpowering their taste. It cuts through the salt in the cheese to make for a refreshing experience.

Final Thoughts

So, if you like pizzas with a lot of toppings and distinct flavors, you are going to need a beer that levels up to this and holds its own. Either way, whether you are going out with friends, binge-watching your favorite series, or lying lazily on your couch, pizza and beer have got you covered.
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