Thursday 11 January, 2018

Avail Gift & Flowers Delivery In Calgary For Any Occasion

Gift & flowers delivery Calgary

When it comes to buying gifts for our near and dear ones, friends or colleagues, most of us remain clueless regarding the stuff to set our hands on. In fact, you can even find people who would not blink an … […]

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Monday 08 January, 2018

Raise A Toast With Friends From Liquor Delivery In Calgary

Liquor Delivery In Calgary

Meeting your college or school friends after a long period can rekindle a lot of memories, and calls for a celebration. The time just flies as you and your friends recollect the wonderful days of yore – of receiving punishment … […]

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Thursday 14 December, 2017

The Many Types And Styles of Your Favourite Beer

Calgary dial a bottle

Among all the alcoholic drinks beer is arguably the one that we are initiated into when we taste alcohol for the first time. The drink has an effervescent quality (not the froth that stays at the top though!) that connects … […]

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Friday 08 December, 2017

Dial A Bottle & Get The Choicest Of Cocktails, Conveniently

Dial a bottle

Work like a captain and drink like a pirate,’ seems to encapsulate the attitude of drink connoisseurs who frequent pubs and bars to savour the exquisite taste and aroma of alcoholic beverages. The choice of drinks is mainly dictated by … […]

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Thursday 09 November, 2017

Savour Prompt Beer Delivery in Calgary At No Extra Charges

Beer delivery Calgary

The growth of internet has brought umpteen opportunities touching almost every aspect of our lives. And with the spread of smartphones, it has become even more accessible. Be it for carrying out banking transactions, booking tickets, or shopping, there is … […]

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