Wednesday 11, July, 2012

Matching the Right Wine with Your Favorite Meal

Even a well cooked meal might not give the kind of satisfaction that you have been looking for. That’s because you had the bad experience of consuming an overpowering dish with a drink having complicated compounds. To relish both the dish and the wine, one therefore needs to adhere to certain guidelines. Else, the dining experience will not be a memorable one.

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Getting the Basics Right

It’s always better to play safe when pairing food and beverage. To be on the safer side, a glass of red wine is perfect for richer recipes and white for lighter dishes. If you are choosing a variety from a specific region, then ensure the food you order is also from the same place. The right variety will help in preparing your palate for the dinner that you have been longing for. Research on the internet to look for dependable liquor store delivery. Make sure the taste of the dish and the beverage doesn’t clash. Therefore, it is always wiser to pick out drinks that are less complicated.

When to Opt for Red Wine?

The red variety is ideal for red meats or food that is cooked with tomato ketchup. You would relish the dining experience if you pair Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon with lamb, beef or pasta. The meal will be rich, hearty and wholesome. There are some alcoholic beverages that might taste bitter. What should you do in such a situation? You can simply opt for ones that are less bitter and taste good with the meat.

White Wine and Food

These are lighter and fruitier drinks and can be best enjoyed with meals that are lighter. A glass of chardonnay will go well with fish, chicken, pork, and dishes cooked using white sauce. If the liquor is sweeter, then match it with fresh fruits and salads. And if the meal is a little spicier, then pair it up with ones that are drier like Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

If you are too choosy about taste, then it is imperative to get the basics right. All you need to do is tasting the different varieties and gathering knowledge. Try to get tips and advice from professional sommeliers.  And if it’s a multi-course dinner, then keep several varieties of in stock. You can surf sites, talk to waiters and have chitchat with party goers to create the perfect pairing.

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