Thursday 20, November, 2014

Matching Beer with Ceremonial Dinner on Christmas Eve

For many people, Christmas dinner is one of most predictable meals of the year. Full of first-class food and excellent company, this meal can surely be the major attraction of the winter. Even though, wine as a common beverage is mostly served with this festive meal, on a Christmas menu beer pairs perfectly with various common items.

Christmas Eve

There are some fundamental rules for you to consider when it comes to enjoying beer with a meal. First, you need to keep in mind that matching the intensity of flavors plays a vital role. A big bold beer like a barley wine or an IPA overpowers mild flavors. Instead, you should keep your beers roughly as appetizing as the food you want to enjoy. It is also a wonderful idea to progress toward heavier and more intense beers as the meal progresses and instead of the other way around.

A more delicate flavor like the one of a witbier may seem off in case you have it following a strong brew, such as a stout. The diverse meal courses work similarly; and it is due to this reason you should begin a meal with milder fare like salad, drawing your dinner to a close with rich desserts like chocolate. You can master the art of pairing food and beer by practicing it for quite a sometime.

Contrast and compliment are the ways when it comes to pairing beer with dessert. Choosing contrast would be a wise option. You may go pairing chocolate tart with Bachhus Belgian cherry kriek as this dessert is just so rich. Chocolate and cherry is a heavenly match, while the slightly sweet and sour flavor of this alcoholic drink simply cuts right through the chocolate and highlights the fruitiness at the same time. This knockout match is a must try this Christmas!

December is just round the corner and it’s time you start planning your Christmas Eve celebration. Place order with dial a bottle liquor delivery service in NW to enjoy the festive season your way. Cheers and a joyous Christmas!

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