Monday 21, May, 2018

Make your Leisure Hours Count Through Dial A Bottle

Online retail stores have revolutionized the buying of products and services by bringing convenience and cost benefits for the customers. If you are hard pressed for time or there is a sudden purchase requirement, online stores come as a blessing. It is no longer about planning in advance to carry out your monthly or weekly purchase of goods, for a few clicks on the website can do the job. Let us find out why shopping or availing the services of online stores is beneficial.


There is an anniversary, wedding or a corporate event to attend, but your boss is in no mood to relent to your request for a leave. Or, a sudden house party has been arranged but the quantity of liquor or snacks has fallen woefully short to meet the requirements. In such situations, it is no longer about fretting in silence or ruing your luck of not making the relevant purchases but making use of the online services. So, to replenish your stock of beer, rum, vodka, champagne, or wine, simply dial a bottle and wait for the delivery man to arrive at your doorstep in no time.

Dial a bottle


The online stores have a range of items in their inventory. And especially for the connoisseurs of liquor, the stores even keep exotic brands that have been aged in oak barrels. In addition to liquor, the range of fast food is quite huge as well. The online shelves are choc-a-bloc with various types of delicious pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and others. So, if you want to arrange a house party or partake your choicest liquor brand with mouth watering pizzas, arranging the same from online stores is convenient, timely and cost effective. The best part is that the food or liquor ordered is of the highest quality. In fact, the pizzas or fast food are delivered hot and fresh.

Price Advantage

The brick and mortar stores price their goods based on the respective overheads. This approach makes the goods somewhat pricey. On the other hand, goods supplied by online stores are available at a considerable price advantage due to the fact that they do not maintain costly overheads.

Easy Payment Options

When it comes to the payment options, you can easily use cards and place your order. Many a time, discounts are offered as well on using cards either by the card company or the online store.

Orders in Bulk

No need to book special days for shopping out of your busy routine, for dialing a bottle can let you place orders in bulk as well. So, the next time around, when there is a wedding, house party, picnic or a corporate event, get your stock of liquor or fast food in bulk and lo! You will get it delivered at the appointed time and hour.

Prompt Delivery

Contrary to the perception that online stores deliver goods with improper delivery schedules, the one from Calgary delivers your nicely packed consignment of liquor and fast food within an hour.


To save time and money with the added benefit of convenience in Calgary, dial a bottle can be your best bet for ordering the choicest of liquor, gifts, flowers and fast food.

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