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Liquor Delivery Shop Frequenters – A Look at Owner-Customer Relation

Operating professional liquor delivery stores, involves a lot of effort and time. One needs to learn about different liquors, as well as train themselves in bar-tending, including managing and organizing shop, maintaining logistics and stock, accounting, etc. You can expect people to come looking for experiences they have not had before, even a few connoisseurs stepping in with their vast knowledge on alcohol, its consumption, make, taste, etc.Liquor Delivery

Becoming a people’s person can help you run your store successfully. Here are some basic, yet important facts you must remember when dealing with your customers:

Knowing your liquor is the key to success in running a liquor store delivery service. Beer alone has a number of different types of flavors that differ based on whether the beer is pilsner, wheat, india pale ale, lager or IPA.

Knowing what clients want and presenting something to suit their taste is difficult, especially if you’ve just met the person. It takes years of practice and experience  to deduce personalities. The first step to playing it cool therefore is to leave the choice of liquor to your customers. Of course, offer a helping hand to those who seem confused. At least 10% of your customers will  be newbies and another 10%, not very regular with alcohol. Make some time to share your liquor knowledge with them and offer choices.

Serving the liquor also plays a crucial role. For example, beer is their best when served cold, yet some at room temperature or warm. There is also “nitro”, which is without carbonation, while others need to be poured slowly because they are foamy.

There is no alternative to knowledge; learn how to serve alcohol correctly. You don’t want to appear clumsy and spill champagne all over your guest because you pulled the cork out too fast.

Demand is different for different people, as also for different occasions. To build a solid reputation, it is crucial to maintain a healthy stock of liquor to help you serve your customers better, and outrun your competitors. What is most important is knowing what is expected of you, which is, accommodating services.

Allow your clients to speak up. Remember, there is nothing remotely genderized about liquor. Don’t assume men like drier varieties and women, sweeter. Simply, lay out your menu and let people choose.

Also, consider the fact that there are those who do not like to be “suggested”, and makes up at least 40% of your customers. So, let your customers ask for it, before you offer them (something wrong).

A responsible store owner is respected and liked. If supplying liquor to below-21 year olds is restricted in your area, stick to it. Promote responsible drinking. Let people enjoy their glasses after a hard day’s work without brawls at the bar.

All the best!

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