Friday 03, April, 2020

Liquor Delivery Calgary – Pick the Best Wine at Your First Try

“Where there is no wine there is no love” – Euripides

Great food, soft music and a pleasing ambience is can set the mood for a romantic dinner date with your loved one. Perhaps you are forgetting one more thing, without which your dinner date would be incomplete – A bottle of wine. That’s right. Wine is known to be the best companion to spend a great time with your loved one. You two can even bond over a good movie while sipping on your favourite wine. At a restaurant, a wine specialist may assist you in choosing the best wine according to your preferences. But what happens when you browse the online inventory list of any liquor delivery Calgary store? With the endless choices of bottles, the label on the bottle, description of the flavour, origin, characteristics of the wine or the product description can confuse anyone who is choosing a wine online for the first time.

Selecting the best wine online can get difficult if you don’t consider a few factors. But don’t worry. We are here to share some useful tips to help you choose the perfect bottle of wine.


1. New to wine?

Choose white or rose wine: A study by Sonoma State University shows that anyone new to wine, enjoys a rose or a sweet white wine and then may appreciate the taste of red wines with more diverse taste. In fact, the study also reveals that 54% of the respondents in the University study confessed that they preferred the sweet white and rose wines when they first began drinking wine. Hence, as a first timer to tasting wines, choose the sweeter white and rose wines rather than the sharper flavoured wines. You’ll love it!

2. While reading the label, understand what you’re reading:

While choosing a wine from a liquor delivery Calgary store, it may so happen that the attractive illustrations, an eye-catching name or beautiful fonts influence your choice and you end up making the wrong choice. But that shouldn’t be the case. More than admiring the label, it is essential to read it first. With so much information, it may seem to be a daunting task but on the brighter side, it is fairly simple to read a wine bottle label. Check out if the label has detailed information about the region and grapes. Then find the grape variety, winery name, the alcohol percentage and finally the basic characteristics like acidity, sweetness and so on. See, understanding the label is no more difficult, isn’t it?

3. Don’t let price decide your choice:

Great things come at good prices, heard this over and over again, right? So is your wine. If you find the best wines on sale, it doesn’t mean that these wines do not taste good or are of inferior quality. In fact, such discounts and offers can be a great chance to grab a good wine deal. On the other hand, expensive wines don’t guarantee that they will satisfy your taste buds. Nevertheless, when choosing wines from an online liquor delivery Calgary store, consider the flavour and characteristics first and then the price.


The next time you visit the shelves of an online liquor delivery Calgary store, you don’t have to rely upon your guessing power to choose the perfect wine. Be confident and remember the above-mentioned tips when browsing the online wine inventory list and bring home the best wine and happiness with ease. To know more about our liquor delivery services, reach us on 403-918-3030.


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