Monday 10, August, 2020

Liquor Delivery Calgary – Do You Know the Latest Alcohol Trends?

We all have our favourite alcohol, the sight of which cheers us up at once. Be it the whiskey, wine, beer or rum, for a lot of us, a premium-quality tipple from a liquor delivery Calgary store is enough to set our spirits high. However, with the increasing trend focusing on the overall wellness, consumers worldwide have taken into reassessing their alcohol consumption and preferences. Should this be a warning for the alcohol industry? Well, yes. The transition has introduced a wide array of opportunities for the liquor industry. In fact, as per the WiseGuy Reports, the global alcohol industry is expected to earn revenue of CAGR 4.09% in the next 6 years.

With consumers growing increasingly health conscious than before, traditional alcoholic drinks are being replaced to welcome low-alcohol drinks instead. Numerous brands are producing liquors with a fresh twist to cater to the health-conscious consumer market and redefine their alcohol choice. In this blog, we’ll reveal the interesting trends associated with the alcohol industry that you must be aware of.


Latest Alcohol Trends to Look Out for

1. Wine: Gone are the days when consumers used to buy wine just by looking at the appearance. Now, with growing awareness, people are making their purchasing decisions more thoughtfully. Whether it is about the procedure of wine production or quality of the used ingredients, all the factors are considered before deciding which wine to buy from an alcohol delivery Calgary outlet. A study by Wine Voice revealed that 28% of the U.S. millennial population consumed wine daily, making them the target consumers under the wine category. Rosē is currently the most sought after wine type with the demand growing up to 48%. Besides this, the wine delivery stores which are offering the authentic wines from all over the world are also seeing a significant rise in sales.

2. Fruit beer: When beer is on your mind, more often than not you think about the conventional strong bitter taste associated with this drink. But did you know fruit beer is already a popular variant under the beer category? And when talking about fruit beer, it is not that same old lime flavoured beer that we are referring to. Brands are becoming innovative and releasing more varieties of fruit flavours in the beer category. For instance: brands like Jubel Beer had set the trend by launching peach-flavoured fruit beer in 2017 and had also introduced elderflower flavour following that. Similarly larger brewers like AB InBev had launched the Bud Light Orange (2019) and Bud Light Lime (2008) flavours which are already a hit among beer lovers. Also, keep an eye on the beer collection at Calgary Dial a Bottle; you could come across Yuzu and Acai flavoured beers any day.

3. Brown spirits: And how can we forget the brown spirits? Namely the American whiskey and Bourbon, there is no visible slowdown in sales for them as well. Global brands like Constellation Brands, Pernod Ricard and Diageo have recently invested in purchasing brown-spirits brands and extending existing distilleries. With an increase in the American whiskey category to 5.3% in 2018, there is no way that the demand for brown spirits will ebb anytime soon. (Source: Beverage Information and Insights Group). Wondering what are the other spirits besides the browns that are currently enjoying all the rage? Tequila, gin and rum (the ‘next gin’) are all a popular choice among consumers.

Conclusion: The consumption of wine, fruit beer and spirits (brown or clear) is on the rise. With the steady introduction of new flavours and packaging innovations, liquor brands are producing alcoholic beverages that are particularly tailored for consumers looking for a memorable alcohol drinking experience. Thinking where to grab the latest alcohol flavours and indulge yourself? At Calgary Dial a Bottle, the leading liquor delivery Calgary store that offers a wide array of alcohol options. To know more, reach us on 403-918-3030.

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