Tuesday 17, June, 2014

Learning the Basics of Wine and Food Pairing Style

Are you at a loss in preparing perfect wine and food pairings? Well, you are not alone, and here are a few important tips that are believed to be of great help to many more dummies like you. People mostly become upset with the fact that their favourite liquor does not match well with their chosen food. Commonly, there are quite a lot of things to consider when it comes to pairing food and wine. Possibly, red wines go with steak, but they also go wonderfully with pork too. Again, you can sip red wine along with a morsel of white fish. However, the tartness of the red wines is really overpowering and consequently you will not even feel how the fish tastes.

Wine and Food Pairing

To begin with, food and liquor pairings by and large depend on what suits your tastes. In order to learn about creating a combination that reduces or lacks unpleasant flavours, you need to understand the basics of how a food and liquor pairing should go. Of course, your palate will tell you whether the overall taste requires more or less sweetness, saltiness, tartness or bitterness. Obviously, people react in different manners owing to their own preferences.

General Rules

Let’s have a discussion on the general rules applied to food and wine pairings.

  • Contrasting foods do not match well with each other.
  • Potent alcohol delicacies go well with food that includes strong flavours. Pork, steak, ribs and other meats are best paired with full-bodied, heavier wines like Cabernet or Pinot Noir.
  • Usually, ribs are served accompanied by beers, but you can go for a stronger drink like Zinfandel for an elegant touch.
  • Lighter drinks are recommended for lighter dishes that integrate fleshy proteins like seafood, poultry and pasta.
  • A Chardonnay can do wonders when paired with your oyster dish. You can also try Chenin Blanc with poultry dishes and Sauvignon Blanc with your creamy pastas.

Apart from these combinations, there are lots more that you can try as ideal food and wine pairing options. When with quality dial a bottle services, choosing the best wine is a real fun, and then pairing it with your favourite food is not that complicated too. If you are planning to host a wine tasting party, keep in mind that everything is based upon what suits your tastes and here your tastes do not mean that they are undesirable to your guests. If you appreciate your pairings, others will too. Go ahead and sip your wine with the best matching food….Cheers!

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