Wednesday 03, September, 2014

Learning No Drips Tricks to Pour Wine perfectly

When it comes to tasting wine, pouring technique is a vital part of the experience. All the factors that help in enhancing the taste of the wine include the courteous handling of the liquor bottle, the water’s professional approach, the successful removal of the cork and lastly the heady aroma of the alcohol being poured and swirled to breathe in a large glass.

Pour Wine perfectly

Let’s discuss about some of the tips for you to follow:

Use a cork remover to extract the cork by providing a pull straight on the cork. Try a hollow-screw remover. Next, the screw needs to be drilled through the cork, so that it does not break to send bits into the alcohol.

2. Place firmly a glass that measures 20 oz. on the table and hold the stalk near the base as you move the glass in a small circle.

The lip of the container has to be set its edge and then the wine should be poured bit by bit into the glass. Continue swirling the liquor up onto the sides of the glassware when you pour to aerate it. It’s better to fill the wineglass about 1/3 full.

4. Slowly rotate your wrist about 45 degrees and tilt the bottle up while it is kept over the wine glass to take away the bottle from the glass.

Important Instructions

1. Handle the container gently. Get your favorite wine from Calgary Dial A bottle Company. Tilt the bottle straight and gradually when it is pulled from the storage space on its side, thereby allowing it to set for ten minutes. It will help in letting the residue settle to the base.

2. Don’t disturb the flavor of the liquor, especially older wines by roughly handling the bottle.

3. Practice pouring alcohol in the right manner, holding the glass level off the table horizontally. This is a more professional technique than leaving the wineglass flat on the table.

4. Serve white wine at a temperature between 66 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and red wine about 58 degrees F.

While removing the cork, follow the correct procedure being careful and patient. After all, you don’t want the wine to spill on the beautiful white tablecloth, thereby interrupting the enjoyment of the brilliant experience.  Think of the no drips tricks and the more you practice, the better wine experience you will have. Remember that perfectionism has its rewards. Cheers!

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