Friday 16, August, 2019

Late Night Liquor Delivery For Vegan Wine Aficionados

Grapes can be called as miracle berries. These green, red pint-sized or purple squishy fruits get transformed into lip-smacking juice, raisins, jam or oil. These miracle berries get fermented with the intervention of yeasts and become delightful alcoholic beverages that bring joy to humankind for celebrations, toasts, romantic dinners, holiday and much-needed relaxation after a long tiring day. We all know the fact, wine is made of fermented grape juice. Yeasts either naturally added or artificially generally convert the sugars of grape juice into alcohol. Sounds pretty straight forward? Isn’t it? However, if you are on a plant-based diet or vegan, you may be surprised to know your favorite sparkling white or dry red wine, which you can from liquor depot delivery Calgary, has been made with animal-derived agents! Unfortunately, wine cannot be termed as vegetarian or vegan! Read on to understand what are called vegan wines and how to find them.

late-night-vegan-wineVeganism is on-demand across the world. There are alternatives for animal food-based from fish sticks to milk. However, if you need a glass of your favorite wine, it is not always easy as it seems. Young wines are not transparent and contain different molecules such as tannins, proteins, and off-flavors. These natural molecules are not detrimental to consume, however wine lovers most of the times prefer their wine free of sediments, so the proteins are filtered out before the bottling process. The wines would self stabilize and clarify naturally but to market them as quickly as possible winemakers often include animal-derived agents o expedite the process. Common fining components are used to clarify wine include albumin (egg whites), isinglass (fish bladder protein), casein (milk protein) and gelatine (animal protein). Wines that use these kinds of fining agents are not considered vegan.

Vegan wine fining agents:

Activated charcoal: 

It strips off undesirable flavors and particles from the wine.


It is purified clay that helps to bind to proteins in rosé and white wines while improving heat stability. It is one of the most sought after vegan-friendly fining agent.


It is human-made plastic, which directly strips excess colors and tannins.

How to find vegan wine:

If ingredients are not properly listed, it is difficult to select which wine is vegan and which is not. Since the term vegan has not been regulated yet, it is difficult to identify which wineries are using vegan element during the process of the wine. The taste of vegan wine also does not differ from the normal ones. The taste of wine typically reflects how the grapes are grown and which type of soil is used. Filtration methods and fining agents offer different types of the wine making process. However, if you place an order from Calgary dial a bottle during late-night liquor delivery and convey your requirement about vegan wines, then be assured we would provide you pure vegan wine procured from authentic vegan wine sellers in Calgary.


If you are a wine lover following a vegan diet and looking forward to enjoying with your friends while sipping some vegan wines, then choose to buy liquor from Calgary Dial a bottle which offers liquor delivery Calgary after 2 am services at your doorstep.

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