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Know The Top White Wine Brands And Their Type of Grapes

The presence of a large number of wine connoisseurs in the world is a testimony to the liquor’s exquisite taste, aroma and texture. In fact, the demand for white wine is no less than its red cousin with a number of brands becoming the favourite of connoisseurs worldwide. However, before elaborating on the white wine brands and the types of grapes they owe their origins to, let us first find out the difference between the two wines – red and white.

Presence of Tannins

It is the presence of the polyphenolic compound, tannin that lies at the core of separating the two wines in terms of colour, texture, aroma and flavour. The compound is found naturally in a number of areas like the skin and seeds of grapes, and the bark, wood and leaves of many plants. The compound tannin helps in the growth of plants and the dry and often pungent taste (and smell) helps to deter predators from consuming the plants.

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Process of Fermentation

The white wine is prepared by fermenting the extracted grape juice whereas the fermentation process in red wine involves the grape skin and seeds, besides the juice. Thus, the presence of grape skin in red wine gives its distinct red colour. Also, the red wine has a higher quantity of anti oxidants vis-a-vis its white counterpart.

The connoisseurs of white wine are partial to wines that are produced from certain types of grapes as discussed below.

Chardonnay: The grape type traces its origins to Bourgogne, France but has spread its wings far and wide especially in the regions of California and Oregan (US), Australia, Italy, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. The Chardonnay grapes produce the best white wines with the subtle flavours of butter, oak, and vanilla.

Chenin Blanc: Also known as White Pinot and Pinot Blanco, the grapes owe their origins to the Loire Valley in France. However, like Chardonnay, this type of grapes is grown in the regions of California, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well. Even though these grapes are light in colour they have more fruit content.

Riesling: These dry grapes, though originated in Germany, are harvested in most of the wine producing regions of the world. These grapes are fleshy and crispy as well.

Pinot Grigio: Producing a light coloured white wine, these grapes are grown in the wine producing regions of Italy, Germany, Australia and the United States (the West Coast).

Sauvignon Blanc: Originated in the Bordeaux region of France, these light grapes with a tangy aftertaste are grown in New Zealand, Australia and California (U.S).

Top White Wine Brands in Canada

  1. Beringer, California

2. Blossom Hill, California

3. Gallo, California

4. Concha y Toro, Chile

5. Yellow Tail, Australia

6. Hardys, Australia

7. Sutter Home, California

8. Lindermans, Australia

9. Blossom Hill, California

The above best selling brands of white wine are made from various types of grapes as listed above. And depending upon the characteristics of grapes in terms of their fructose content, taste, and aroma, the brands have acquired their distinct flavours.


The popularity of white wine brands in terms of taste, aroma and flavour is mainly derived from the types of grapes and their juices. If you want to savour these brands from the comfort of your home, then engage the services of wine delivery in Calgary.

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