Tuesday 22, October, 2013

Ideas for Hosting a Successful Wine and Dinner Party

Wine and dinner parties can be a great time of fun, fellowship and good food (and obviously good liquor!). However, if not planned properly, it can definitely come across as unorganized and boring. These parties are a great way to invite friends and family over who you might not get to see on a regular basis. Therefore, when you decide on having guests over, everything should be planned and ready to go at least a week prior. The food should be selected in accordance with the wine that you are planning to serve. Also, the liquor should be delivered at least 2-3 days prior to the party so that it has enough time to rest. If you are a resident of Calgary, Alberta then you have nothing to worry. You can have the alcohol of your choice delivered to your doorstep with the services of Alcohol and wine delivery in Calgary Alberta.

Hosting a Successful Wine and Dinner Party
However, once the liquor part is taken care of, you can choose from a list of great party ideas in order to host a smashing party.

  • If you enjoy the finer things in life, then a sophisticated dinner party is what you should opt for. However, ensure that you do not invite more than 5-7 people as it can get a bit overcrowded. The key to a great party is to let it be small because then you can go all-out when it comes to cooking (or ordering) the best food and serving the best wine. Also, you will be expected to serve a 3-course meal, so prepare yourself accordingly to avoid any surprises.
  • If glamor and elegance is too much for you to handle, you can always have a very intimate dinner party, inviting only your close family and friends. With an intimate party, you will not mind taking the extra effort to ensure that the best food and wine is served. These parties also encourage long conversations with friends and family. Make sure that the decor and setting gives off a very intimate and cozy vibe. Place candles on the table and serve a good red wine as it exudes warmth. Where the main course is concerned, you can serve a nice pork roast to complement the red wine.
  • If you enjoy hosting a large group of people in your home, then you can always opt for a grand bash. However, these parties should be relegated to festivals and birthdays. For these kinds of parties you will require at least 15-20 bottles of wine and alcohol depending on the number of people that actually consume it. In this case, the Alcohol and wine delivery in Calgary Alberta services can deliver the required amounts of alcohol and wine to your doorstep, thereby saving you the time and effort of actually shopping for it. One of the great ways to save on you having to cook all the food is to have a pot luck celebration where everyone brings one dish to the party.

These party ideas, in addition to a host of others, will ensure that you are adequately prepared to host a large crowd or a small gathering.

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