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How To Throw a Great Dinner Party This Christmas with Wines

One of the most happening stuffs this Christmas is the holiday parties. If you wish to throw a great holiday party this festive season, try something offbeat and different. An exclusive dinner party with wines and delicious food wrapped in innovative style can drum up your celebration.

This is a cool way to add an air of sophistication to your party without being very expensive. The nicest part is you can spend more time with your loved ones instead of being in the kitchen for the entire time. Here are the ideas:

Throw a Great Dinner Party This Christmas with Wines

An Elite Dinner Party

The ideal dinner parties are those with a group of six to eight people. Serve at least three courses at a properly set table. However, everyone has preferences and is choosier when it comes to liquors and foods. Therefore, it’s better to ask your guests before they uneasily spill the beans about being vegetarian or gluten free.

  • Centerpiece – Fresh daisies in short flower vase, salt and pepper on scallop shells, a spectacular chocolate fountain or whatever is your pick; try to keep is short so that you can see your guests across the table.
  • Wine Picks – A mix of 4 red wine and 2 white wine bottles will do for 8 people. Stick to classics like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Dolcetto and Chardonnay.
  • Wine setting – Dessert, red wine, white wine, champagne and a glass of water (from left to right)

Big Dinner Party

This is probably the only time in the year when employers hold large holiday parties. The party acts an ice breaking session where employees get to know each other and the company praises them for their performance. Arrange for many small appetizers, yummy sweets and healthy so that everyone is happy.

  • Centerpiece – Champagne towers are never out of fashion. Set a center table with a spillage tray. You need identical retro champagne glasses. Start by creating a square using the glasses. The number of glasses gets successively reduced on each layer. If your bottom layer has 10 glasses, the next layer will have 9.

    If you are running short of wines or champagne, keep the number of a Dial A Bottle service handy.

  • Wine Picks – Depending on the number of guests, consider approximately half bottle per individual. For example, you need 12 bottles for 20 people. Besides, wine leftovers are never that bad.
  • Outdoor setting – To ease the stress on indoor area, you can set up an open air BBQ.

Classic Dinner Date

The idea of a classic dinner date is an intimate date with your beloved. Season’s greetings and joyous spirits coupled with a romantic dinner date score ten on ten.

  • Mood setting – Few scented candles, a soft music and a comfy place. There are a number of romantic restaurants in Calgary like Alloy, Brava Bistro, Il Sogno, etc. But, as this is the peak season you would hardly get a table free without prior bookings. If you want a cozy, calm and quiet place, your home could be as good as a restaurant.
  • DIY bar – Make a DIY bar section is your living area, so that even when you are with your family members, couples feel welcome to spend some moments alone.
  • Wine picks – Mix and match with chocolates. Some romantic companions are Rosé Port with white chocolate, milk chocolate with Sherry, caramel chocolate with Madeira.

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