Wednesday 30, May, 2012

How to Run a Liquor Delivery Service and Inventory

Approximately 80kms from the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a small city situated in an area of prairie at the province of Alberta. In Calgary, 1,096,833 people include individuals hailing from different cultures, who live life working, looking after their family and spending time in various activities.

There are many ethnic as well as modern stores and restaurants for spending time out with family. Nightlife is also evolving in the city as it is becoming more popular and the density in the area is increasing. For bars, restaurants and liquor stores therefore, it is very important in order to serve their customer, to keep track of their liquor inventory as well as to have a proper liquor delivery service.

At Calgary, dial a bottle services are not new. Eateries and drinking establishments are willing to pay extra, so they do not have to make frequent trips weekly. So, demand is rising and more and more delivery services and inventories for liquors are coming up. It pays to meet standards because only the best can establish themselves in the competitive market.

How to Run the Business:

1. If you do own a business of delivering liquor, it is very important to first establish business parameters. Pricing structure has to be clean and transparent. Time of business operation should also be such so the business can fulfill customer demand.

2. It is also better to have flat rates for deliveries, as clients prefer easy to understand pricing schemes. Few Alcohol Delivery Calgary services charge by time, and extra charges are involved for deliveries where extra effort is to be put in. For instance, if the delivery is to be made within a few hours after placing order.

3. Bad weather never stands as a good justification for late deliveries, misplacing the liquor items or even delivering less than the amount of the order. If it happens, it will work against the favor of the company’s reputation. One should try to always meet whatever company policy they have put forward.

4. To ascertain quality service within time, one needs a reliable vehicle(s). It also has to be ensured that customers can reach the authorities at any time. So, cell phone availability and email capability is very effective.

5. Accurate inventory management is also important for alcohol delivery enterprises. For liquor, it is important to track the place of production of the liquor, when it was manufactured and the brand. This is necessary so that clients, who place their order, would receive the accurate package.

6. Unless well managed, customers would receive expired liquor bottles. Hence, from time to time, one should check the bottles to establish that they have not expired. A proper record for inventory system guarantees that all drinks are sold and sold before expiry.

The intention, when managing or delivering liquor, is not to negatively affect cash-flow. Customers who frequently order should also be kept happy, always.

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