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How to Preserve Whiskey from a Liquor Delivery Calgary Store?

A glass of whiskey and a bunch of good friends – a combination that can perk you up, anywhere, anytime. A drink that once belonged to the gentleman’s club has steadily made an entry into the bars and of course, the incredibly popular liquor delivery Calgary stores. Scotch or Irish whiskey, Bourbon or American whiskey, whiskey lovers are never short of a choice to enjoy this distilled fermented alcoholic drink. Moreover, the joy of any occasion doubles up when you open a bottle of whiskey in the company of your favourite people, a fact that has been proven true time and again. But what is to be done with the bottle that still has a great quantity of whiskey left? Certainly, you’ve reached your limit and if you go beyond that, you could be waking up with a terrible hangover the next day, something you would never ever want, right?

The good news is that whiskey can be preserved for a long time, much like wine. What we are emphasizing is how properly you are storing your whiskey. To preserve the spirit’s flavour, aroma and colour, there should be no mistakes in your whiskey storing method. Keep reading this blog to learn some useful whiskey storing tips!

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Whiskey Flavourful

1. Shield your whiskey from direct sunlight: Sunlight has been the cause of ruin for many things – your skin, hair, wine, car’s exterior, etc. Now add whiskey to that list! The infamous UV rays of the sun break down the chemical compounds of the whiskey, changing the original smell and taste. Whiskey when exposed to direct sunlight develops a sharp flavour and often tastes like rubber or rotten fruit. In addition, sunlight also causes whiskey to evaporate. So, where’s the ideal place to keep your whiskey away from sunlight? Inside a cupboard, pantry or cellar, the choice is yours!

2. A moist cork is good for your whiskey: The cork of the whiskey bottle should never get dried. An extremely dry cook becomes brittle soon enough and when you try to open the bottle, the cork splits and falls into your precious whiskey, spoiling the flavour. The next time your alcohol delivery Calgary service provider delivers your whiskey, store it upright or vertically and do NOT lay it down. Its whiskey and not wine, got it?

3. Store it at a constant temperature: Temperature fluctuations adversely impact a wide variety of foods and drinks and whiskey is one of them. As per the advice of whiskey sommeliers, 15-20 degrees Celsius or 59-68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to store all types of whiskeys. Unlike wines, whiskey can endure slightly warmer or cooler temperatures without any complaints! Most importantly, keeping whiskey at a constant temperature is what makes this drink last for a long time. Temperature variation makes way for more oxygen to enter the bottle, affecting the liquor’s quality, taste and flavour. As whiskey is temperature sensitive, make sure you keep your beloved spirit away from ovens, computers, televisions, heaters and other artificial heating sources.

4. Transfer whiskey into smaller bottles: A lot of whiskey lovers make this major mistake – keeping the lesser quantity of whiskey in a fairly large bottle. As the quantity of the spirit decreases, the space for air flow increases. And if the air is more than the drink inside the bottle, no one can save your favourite whiskey from getting oxidized and losing its character. Solution? When there is little amount of whiskey left, transfer it to a smaller bottle. Make sure this second bottle is filled to the top. This will restrict the creation of air passage, keeping your spirit fresh and you happy!

Endnote: Proper storage method preserves your whiskey’s taste, aroma and character. You may have ordered your choicest whiskey today, if you store it properly, it will still taste amazing no matter how many days later you’re drinking it. Follow the above-mentioned tips and see how splendidly your whiskey flavour is preserved. Calgary Dial a Bottle is a leading liquor delivery Calgary service provider, delivering a wide range of alcohol varieties to your doorstep. Whiskey or wine, beer or rum, our alcohol delivery service is affordably priced.

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