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How to Plan for a Surprise Birthday Present with Extra-special Touch

It is not behind the close doors than everyone in this planet absolutely loves birthdays. Birthdays are like short festive occasion that celebrates one special day for our loved-ones. However, sometimes, some celebrations call for an extra special touch. If you are looking to add zing and jazz up a birthday party, why not plan some surprise! This blog guides you to walk that extra celebratory mile and plan for a surprise birthday bash.

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Self Questioning Session

Think of the things he/she loves. Starting from favorite foods to shopping habits, so that you can fill their day with those surprises. The next question you should ask yourself is – how much time I can allot to arrange for all these? As you are planning for a surprise, it is obvious that you have to plan and execute the whole idea without involving other persons, especially, if they are not trustworthy.

If you do not have time to arrange everything by your own, these ideas can be of great help:

  • Round the Clock Gifting

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts! So, why not keep that showering all throughout the day? Chalk out a list of his/ her favorite items and present them every 2 hours, saving the best for the end. If you have decided to go with this idea, you can bank on a gift home delivery service provider who can deliver the gift at your doorstep, whenever you want.

  • Flower Blast

Nothing can express emotions better than flowers. Why not let the receiver open the door to find out a dozen full of colorful floral bouquets. To spell success with this idea, a trusted firm that offers gifts & flowers delivery in Calgary can help you. Since flowers look best when they are fresh, it is better that you order them just before the celebration. With these customizable bouquets, you are certainly going to make one’s birthday personalized and special.

  • Customized Gift Basket

A beautifully wrapped gift basket filled with special and personalized gifts can be a great surprise gift. Try to keep a mixture of everything like a fresh baked pizza or burger, exotic bottles of his/her preferred alcohol, chocolates and other customized gifts. If you do not have time to visit the physical outlets, you can call doorstep delivery service providers for a quick solution.

  • Cards and More Cards

Birthdays are incomplete without birthday cards. If you are not staying in the same house, sending cards for the whole birthday week can water your surprise gifting idea. You can have them scheduled, so your birthday-girl or boy will receive one card every day for the whole week.

Hope these gifting ideas stand tall for the ideas of extra special birthday presents. If you have got some ideas, do to forget to share them!

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