Tuesday 14, December, 2021

How to Match Pizza and Wine Perfectly? – A Professional Guide

After you order a pizza and wine, the last thing you would want to realize after tasting the two is that- ‘they don’t compliment each other.’

This is why you must choose the right pizza with the right bottle of wine. The pairing of pizza and wine mostly depends on the type of pizza you want to have. To develop a proper understanding of the right pairing you can explore every time you order both since there can be various combinations given the variety of wine that you can order from wine delivery Calgary and types of pizzas available. However, let’s take a look at some of the professional recommended pairings of pizza and wine.

1. Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizzas are soft and have a smoky taste to enhance the taste of toppings like spicy meat. You can pair these pizzas with Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese or Cabernet Sauvignon. The distinct flavour of these wines can cut through the richness of the pizza and help to experience all the flavours present in the pizza.

2. Margherita Pizza

Margherita pizzas are generally topped with tomatoes and thick-cut buffalo mozzarella. These pizzas taste best when paired with medium-bodied wines like; Pinot Grigio or Berbera, which helps to lift the taste of tomato subtly and also, balance the other flavours in the pizza well. A bottle of dry rose can be also considered a great combination with these pizzas.

3. Barbeque Chicken Pizza

This sweet and smoky flavoured Barbeque Chicken pizza can taste scrumptious when paired with red wines like Malbec, Pinot Noir, Nacional or Touriga. The sweetness of these wines can strike a great balance with the barbeque sauce and enrich the taste of the pizza. You can also order a bottle of Chardonnay from Calgary dial a bottle if you want to pair white wine with your Barbeque chicken pizza.

4. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizzas have a salty ham and sweet pineapple taste, which complements best when paired with white wines. You can choose Riesling, a combination that can balance the sweetness of the toppings like pineapple on Hawaiian pizzas and, the acidity of the wine adds to the richness of the taste. Wines like Vignoles or Vourvray can also perfectly complement the taste of this pizza.

5. White Sauce Pizza

For White sauce pizza, white wines are considered one of the best pairings. Since the tomatoes sauce is not an ingredient in this pizza, wines like some red wines, which has high acidic content do not complement well with these pizzas. Alternatively, wines like; Pinot Grigio or sparkling Cava can enhance the taste of the pizza. You can also go for light red wine like Pinot Noir for the pairing.

Final Words

Now that we have shared the popular pairing list of pizza and wine, you know the wine and pizza pair to pick and cherish its taste. If you haven’t yet placed your order for the best wine from an alcohol delivery Calgary store Calgary dial a bottle then, place your order now by visiting https://www.calgarydialabottle.ca/ or calling at 403-918-3030 and for more information, let us hear you through our mail id info@calgarydialabottle.ca.

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