Tuesday 19, May, 2020

How to Make the Most of Liquor Delivery Calgary this Lockdown?

With stay-at-home-orders into full effect due to the coronavirus outbreak, people have no option but to take the necessary precautions that will help in curbing the spread. ‘Stay at home’ is also another name for ‘no store visit’. The question is, how are people getting their daily essentials like groceries and medicines? All thanks to the invention of the online delivery system that has surely introduced convenience in millions of lives. Need to buy vegetables or any non-essential item? Just order online and get it from the comfort of your home. But what about all the liquor lovers? With all the liquor shops closed, surely they must be having a hard time in spending days without their favourite alcohol at home! Not exactly when they have their preferred liquor delivery Calgary service still operating in these trying times, with extra precautions of course!


Like many other items, it takes only three steps to get your liquor home delivered – browse, choose and order. Your liquor will be delivered within an hour, safely and hygienically. Interestingly, there are ways to make the most of your liquor delivery service and in this blog, we are going to tell you just that, lockdown or no lockdown!

This Lockdown, Make the Most of your Liquor Delivery Service

1. Choose a Reliable Liquor Delivery Store:


If you are searching for the best ‘liquor delivery Calgary near me’, it is likely that you’ll find several liquor stores that claim to be the best. However, when choosing an alcohol delivery service provider, it is important to keep a few factors in mind:

-> Alcohol delivery time

-> Liquor brands and types

-> Customer services

-> Payment options

And last but not the least, ensure that they will provide quality services. To do so, check out the reviews and testimonials from their website to find out whether your chosen liquor delivery service provider is reliable or not.

2. Keep to One Vendor:


This is one of the most important ways to get the most benefits. The internet is the final destination to find tens and thousands of alcohol delivery services. And if you have found one and also satisfied with a particular alcohol delivery service, why not show your loyalty? Any leading liquor delivery service provider in Calgary pays special importance to maintaining a close relationship with their customers. Hence, whenever there are any offers or chances to save money on alcohol, they always notify their regular customers so that they can avail them at the earliest and have another reason to add to their satisfaction.

3. It’s Better to Order in Bulk:


A good rule of the thumb for ordering online is ordering in bulk. The same is applicable for liquors as well. When you buy alcohol in greater quantities, the total price automatically comes down. For example: if you are having an all night party and you avail a late night liquor delivery service, obviously, it is more economical if you order 20 bottles of whiskey (if that is your main party drink) instead of 10 as you get your party liquors at a wholesale price.

4. Schedule your Order from Beforehand:


Is there a birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration coming up and you want your drinks to be delivered on that specific date? Then schedule your order at the online liquor store from beforehand. This will ensure that your preferred liquor type and brand are available in adequate quantities and on the final party day, you don’t have to entertain any information that says “your choice of liquor is currently unavailable”.



Availing a liquor delivery Calgary service offers several benefits like it saves your time and money, availability of a wide range of foreign and local liquors, safe and timely delivery, to name a few. However, not everyone knows the secret behind making the most of an alcohol delivery service. But with the above-mentioned tips, now you know how to turn a liquor delivery service to a great advantage, even while being quarantined at home! To know more about our liquor delivery service, call us on 403-918-3030.

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